Economist criticizes the status of the governor of the bank on the Iraqi currency and an unprecedented step

Date of release: 2018/10/7 21:52

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) criticized an economist, put the name of the Governor of the Central Bank on the new Iraqi currency.

“The process of changing the Iraqi currency has only changed the fees and put the name of the governor of the central bank triangular on the currency,” Bassem Jameel Antoine told the {Euphrates News} today, “noting that” the governor of the Central Bank only is usually put in currency. ”

He added that “the central bank has a special law and has the right to issue currency and sign only,” pointing out that “I did not find a governor of the bank, neither in Iraq nor in the countries of the world puts his triple name on the cash currency!”

The Central Bank of Iraq issued its second edition of the banknotes of the categories {25000, 10000, 1000, 500, 250} dinars, indicating that the variables on the above categories were as follows, for the categories {25000, 10000, 500, 250} The name of the governor instead of signing it in the old version, in line with what is now practiced in other countries, and the dates were amended AH and the Gregorian to the dates {1440 H-2018 m}. ”

On the problem of industry in Iraq Antoine explained that” the problem of industry is the most complex problems because of Understanding and the real will to support this sector, although it absorbs a lot of employment and creates the spirit of the citizen “.

” The size of the Iraqi investors ‘ money in Jordan amounted to 15 billion JD while Iraq needs these funds to activate all sectors, including industry. ”

He noted that” the industrial sector life needs a package of reforms “, in the hope of” the government program The new activating the industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors and dispensing with importing through the operation of factories and laboratories in the country. ”

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