current wise sets the ten priorities of Abdul Mahdi and declares his position on the initiative of the Sadr

Al-Hakim's movement sets the ten priorities of Abdul Mahdi and declares his position on the initiative of the Sadr

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 one hour ago

The official spokesman of the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Abu Raghef said on Friday that the Prime Minister-designate, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will set 10 priorities for his next government, indicating that the stream of wisdom supported him from the beginning, contrary to what is trying to broadcast known media.

Abu Ragheef said in a statement today that “we believe that Abdul Mahdi will go on to set ten basic priorities in his next journey, and the first three will be the compass in directing performance. These three are security, economic mobility and decentralization. This is what we understand through our constant discussions and discussions. in this context”.

He called on “everyone to support Abdul Mahdi and facilitate his mission and not to find obstacles and bumps in front of what he wants to offer to Iraq,” noting that “our support is multiplied by being independent of party affiliation, and does not belong to a political bloc or party or electoral list.”

“We do not disagree with Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr in what he said recently,” he said. “They are general principles that fall within the context in which Mr. Sadr used to be in his previous speeches. He is not surprised and appreciated, and we in the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction are not different in the overall framework. For these descriptions, “urging” political parties to accelerate the support of Abdul Mahdi in the formation of his government and reduce the limits of demands and overcome obstacles. “

Abu Ragheef pointed out that “it is natural that there is a difference in some technical aspects and is a resource of discussion and not a dispute, and some of them related to the mechanisms of selection and conditions when the nomination of ministries and commissioning public sites,” noting that “there are political parties that see that the ministers are outside the House of Representatives completely , And we are wise to see the necessity or obligation to exclude the members of the House of Representatives it is illogical to prohibit the sites of service to them unless there are real impediments to the aggressor.

 “We are with the technocrats in general, and if there are political technocrats, we do not see what they are trying to prevent from facing advanced positions and executive positions, and this does not prevent the existence of independent technocrats in the ministerial cabins alongside the political technocrats.”

“We do not insist on imposing a certain candidate for any advanced position in the country, but we insist on the need to overcome the failures of the governments that have ended and benefit from their experiences,” Abu Raghef said. “There is no moral or political text or political knowledge that requires technocrats to be independent.”

He pointed out that “the wisdom gives full freedom to the Prime Minister-designate in the formation of his team, but we do not see the right to close the door to the competencies and energies eligible for management under certain headings,” noting that “Abdul Mahdi will not be a cabins in the way points and volumes of blocks and seats as in the The case in previous times “.

Abu Raghef pointed out that “the political obstruction and the decline in the reality of service and pressure of the street and the position of the Supreme Reference Council and the crises of the country during the past two years have made the country’s leaders and decision-makers in front of the choice of agreement on the nomination of Abdul Mahdi, a figure of confidence and much confidence in his ability to find political balances, Government and state. “

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday not to nominate any minister from the coalition, “Sawson” in the cab, the new government appointed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, while revealing an agreement between the blocks puts the latter under probation for a year to assess the performance of his work, waved the uprising of the Iraqi people in case Abdul Mahdi failed in his duties after the expiration of the period.

The new President Barham Saleh has been commissioned after his election in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the delegation of most of the parliamentary blocs Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the next federal government.

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