An Assyrian Star instead of Al-Ikhlas .. The Central Bank launches a new category of thousand dinars


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The new category of the Iraqi operation
The new category of the Iraqi operation

Roudao – Erbil 

Iraqi Central Bank announced the launch quantities of small currency categories to market with changes including free one thousand dinars class of Al – fidelity image mode Assyrian star instead. “

According to the Central Bank of Iraq said in a statement that it was” the launch amounts of small groups With a slight change in the form of these categories of the category of 1000 dinars and 500 dinars and 250 dinars ” 

The statement pointed out that” the deal will continue to deal with the new and previous version in daily transactions. ” 

The new edition of the category of thousand dinars of Al-Ikhlas, where the new currency between the Assyrian star Preceded by the design of the statue while took Ba A circle in which the star Assyrian words on the occasion of the inclusion of the Iraqi Marshlands on the list of World Heritage 2016 

is expected to launch the new currency next week.

The supreme religious authority Ali al-Sistani was banned in a previous fatwa touching the Iraqi currency of the category of one thousand dinars and the previous category of one dinar, without light, because it contains Surah Al-Ikhlas. 

The statue of Lamasu, known as the winged bull, in the center of the cash coin of 500 dinars, has been banned from dealing with elements of the “Islamic State” during his rule in Mosul.

Trish In The Category Of 100 Thousand Dinars Central Bank: We Plan To Restructure The Iraqi Currency, Including The Deletion Of Zeros

Revealed the Governor of the Central Bank of the existence of a plan for the future restructuring of the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, while the bank is currently defrauding the issue of the currency of the category of 100 thousand dinars. The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq: The idea of ​​putting the currency of the category of 100 thousand dinars traded by the Central Bank, but at the moment to delay them, indicating that there is a tendency in some countries to reduce the currency categories so as not to be stored or falsified. He continued: The currencies of small groups, may lead the citizen to bid farewell to banks for the difficulty of storage, revealing that the central bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, but this plan needs to consider steps, and a stable situation fully so as not to Exploit this in the work of forgery and others. The Central Bank of Iraq also announced the abolition of the requirement of appointing the director of the intermediary companies. The bank said in a brief statement that based on the decision of the board of directors of this bank No. (114) for the year 2018, it was decided to cancel the condition of owning shares in the company for the purpose of appointing the director of the brokerage companies to sell and buy foreign currency. While the Central Bank of Iraq announced that it was officially exited from the list of sanctions imposed by the European Union, during the era of the regime buried. The bank said in a statement that the Brussels move, published in the official newspaper of the European Union, confirmed the abolition of sanctions imposed on this bank under the former regime. The European sanctions provide for the prohibition of dealing with a group of Iraqi financial and non-financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq. The Central Bank of Iraq that this development came after making significant progress in improving the performance and application of international regulations and standards in the banking field. He added: Under these recent amendments, the international financial banking institutions will be allowed to deal with the CBI in accordance with the new instructions, as it has become a reliable financial institution to deal with European international institutions. The Central Bank denied the circulation of the $ 100 for the previous editions of the pre-2006 publications, pointing out that rumors in this regard fall within the category of market speculation. “The bank is trading all categories of the dollar and all previous editions even before 2006,” said Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher, general manager of the Department of Financial Operations and Public Debt Department at the Central Bank. “The circulation of $ 100 for the pre-2006 period is far from Indeed”. He added that “the bank does not reject a specific category or edition of the dollar, unless it is forged,” noting that “the non-circulation of some citizens and banking offices of the old issues, back to the Iraqi market and the bank has nothing to do with it. He pointed out that all the neighboring countries of the Turkish and Jordanian markets are dealing in dollars without account of the categories or editions of the opposite market in Iraq. Some owners of Iraq’s banking offices refuse to buy the $ 100 category from pre-2006 issues and return $ 1 notes to their owners.

US to Sell Five Armed Bell 407GX Helicopters to Iraq


US to Sell Five Armed Bell 407GX Helicopters to Iraq

ERBIL – The US State Department has approved to sell five armed Bell 407GX light attack helicopters to the Iraqi security forces as part of the country’s fight against the Islamic State (IS), the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement.

The Defense Post cited the statement as explaining that the sale of the new helicopters, apart from compensating Baghdad’s loss of seven 407 helicopters in combating the militant group, they will also help further strengthen the country’s combat effectiveness against the extremists or any other terrorist groups in Iraq.

According to the release, “Iraq will be configured with M240 7.62mm machine guns and Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) M260 rocket launchers,” as cited by the report, adding that the program is estimated to cost $ 82.5 million.

Reports and analysis What Sistani’s position of the three new presidencies? .. and Kurdistan hope to “Al-Maitid”


What Sistani position of the three new presidencies?  .. and Kurdistan hope to "Al-Maitid"
 Twilight News    
 6 hours ago

(Reuters) – Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi has cleared the winning blocs in the recent legislative elections on the formation of the new cab of the next federal government, informed political sources said on Friday.

The sources said today that Abdul-Mahdi has already started talks with parties and political parties in order to expedite the formation of the government, and requested biographies of candidates to take over the ministries.

The sources pointed out that the official in charge of forming the government is trying to choose his ministerial team before the expiration of the constitutional period specified for him, but those sources do not hide at the same time the difficulties and pressures faced in the completion of that task.

There is unprecedented consensus among the parties and political blocs of various components on the candidate of the settlement Adel Abdul Mahdi to serve as prime minister for the next four years.

The sources talk about the resignation of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr to give him any ministry has given strong moral support to Abdul Mahdi, the selection of ministers more freely.

The Friday sermon in the Kufa mosque of the Sadrist movement Hadi Denninawi, has been said that their leader Moqtada al-Sadr gave up about 8 ministries in the new government was entitled to the alliance, “Sason.”

Sadr announced on Thursday not to nominate any minister from the coalition, “Saunon” in the cab, the new government appointed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, while revealing an agreement between the blocks put the latter under test for a year to assess the performance of his work, waved the uprising of the Iraqi people in the event of failure of Abdul Mahdi in After the expiry of the term.

Sistani and Abdul Mahdi

Despite the support of Abdul Mahdi, but remains the supreme leader of the Shiites in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani refuses to meet any of the Iraqi politicians.

A source from Najaf that “Sistani still refuses to receive any politician from the current in the formation of the three presidencies.”

The source revealed that “the Supreme Reference is still not satisfied with the performance of politicians and the rejection of all calls from politicians to visit him and even at the present time, where private sources refused to reference the reference to Adel Abdul Mahdi, the charge.”

It is noteworthy that the religious authority has demanded through Friday’s platform in Karbala to nominate an independent prime minister who did not hold former executive positions.

Abdul Mahdi served as finance minister in the government of Iyad Allawi in 2004 as a representative of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution, and participated with the US administration in the negotiations on the cancellation of Iraqi external debt, and persuaded a number of international donors to drop a large part of them.

And became one of the two Vice-President of Iraq in 2005, after being a candidate for the post of prime minister before giving in favor of Ibrahim Jaafari, contributed to the drafting of the new Iraqi constitution.

The last post taken by Abdul Mahdi was the Ministry of Oil, which he resigned in March 2016.

Challenges to the new government

Western reports have pointed out that Abdul-Mahdi’s government faces “major” challenges, including rebuilding and rebuilding destroyed cities during the campaign against the al-Qa’ida organization, as well as the deteriorating services portfolio, which caused recent crises in Basra’s oil-rich province, He was called up by the security forces.

Baghdad and Arbil

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader, Massoud Barzani, and his deputy, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nezhirvan Barzani, recently announced their full support for Abdul Mahdi in forming the new government in hopes of opening a new page with Baghdad. To the extent of military friction between the Peshmerga forces, and Iraqi forces supported by popular mobilization.

Barzani had described in a telephone conversation with Abdul Mahdi as the last “fighter and friend of the people of Kurdistan.”

The most important files and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad disputed areas, which Article 140 of the Constitution ways to address and resolve their fate, including the export of oil and gas and financial revenues achieved with the issue of providing support to the Peshmerga as forces within the defense system.

The head of the outgoing government Haider Abadi has launched a military campaign against the disputed areas led to thousands of Kurds and the withdrawal of Peshmerga forces and Asayish, in addition to the imposition of severe economic sanctions on the region after the referendum, which supported 93% of voters for independence from Iraq.

Abdul Mahdi begins the first steps to form the Iraqi government with US support

Saturday, 06 October

The Arabs today - Abdul Mahdi begins the first steps to form the Iraqi government with US support

Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi Prime Minister in charge
Baghdad – Arabs today

At the time when the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr , left the Prime Minister-designate to form the next Iraqi government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the freedom to choose ministers from outside sectarian and ethnic quotas, the parliamentary blocs began to hand over the names of candidates to fill ministerial posts.

Abdul Mahdi has held intensive dialogues during the past few days with various leaders of the political blocs for this purpose, at a time where the picture is still not clear in the various blocs on the freedom that can be enjoyed by the Prime Minister-designate independent, where the Sadrists see that can not continue The government’s work without implementing its agreed program, especially after the deadline set by the leader of the Sadrist movement of Abdul Mahdi, a full year.In this context, Nasar al-Rubaie, head of the political body of the Sadrist movement, said in a statement yesterday that “the political program for the next stage will not allow the two opposites to meet, namely the continuation of the government in its work concurrent with the failure to implement the specific government program with time limits, Its program ».

For his part, said the former spokesman for the Iraqi government, Ali al-Dabbagh, that Abdul Mahdi received a heavy legacy, and told «Middle East» that «Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi received the presidency of the Council of Ministers with a heavy legacy of the war on (da’ash), and randomness that accompanied the period In the past, with scarce resources and high project expectations, and it is not easy to achieve high success rates ».

Al-Dabbagh added that “what needs to be done is to calm the anger and anger of the street, and to provide an active dose of hope by providing jobs from the private sector by offering temptations and exemptions within the available limits. Noting that «requires the provision of minimum services, and improved through a new vision does not depend mechanism that did not succeed».

On his vision of what the prime minister-designate could offer, al-Dabbagh said that “Abdul-Mahdi will focus on defusing internal and regional political tension. He is a man of dialogue, not a confrontational character. He will close what can be solved from hot issues, Thus creating trust among partners and removing doubts.At the regional level, he needs a quiet approach to the crises in the region, and strained relations with some countries, such as Turkey ».

Dabbagh said that «Prime Minister-designate needs to develop this harmony between the three presidencies, each of its position, without prejudice to the role of each of them».

Abdul Mahdi received support from the United States.“During the call, congratulations were given to Adel Abdul Mahdi on the occasion of his appointment to form a government, as well as to discuss cooperation between the two countries and support for Iraq in various sectors,” said a statement by Abdulmajdi’s office on Friday. .

“The next government will prioritize the reconstruction of the country, the provision of services to citizens, the strengthening of external relations with the international community, the continuation of strengthening security, and everything that would serve the citizens and the interest of the country.”In the context of that, the spokesman of the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Abu Raghef, that Abdul Mahdi, a lot of priorities, noting that «the most important is security and economy, and the establishment of decentralization by granting more powers to the provinces, and the dismantling of bottlenecks in the way of dealing between state agencies and ministries .

He pointed out that «the political parties should accelerate the support of Abdul-Mahdi in the formation of his government, and reduce the limits of demands, and overcome the obstacles», pointing out that «the technical aspects may be the subject of debate in the nomination of the ministries and commissioning sites», and explained that «the stream of wisdom gives full freedom To the prime minister-designate, but we do not think it is right to close the door to others. “

Abu Ragheef stressed that “the political obstruction, the real situation, the pressure of the street and the position of the supreme reference authority, all made us to agree on the nomination of Abdul Mahdi, and we are very much confident in his ability to find political and practical balances of government and state administration.



Nadia Mourad gets the Nobel Peace Prize


Local News

Friday, October 5, 2018 12:53 pm

Continue … .. Iraqi Nadia Murad, on Friday, won the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2018.

The Swedish Academy said that “Nadia Murad is the witness who spoke about the violations committed against herself and others by the organization calling the terrorist,” while the Congolese doctor Denis Mukwigi received the same award.

Doctor Denis Mukwigi spent large portions of his adult life assisting victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dr. Mukwiji and his staff treated thousands of patients who were victims of such attacks

current wise sets the ten priorities of Abdul Mahdi and declares his position on the initiative of the Sadr

Al-Hakim's movement sets the ten priorities of Abdul Mahdi and declares his position on the initiative of the Sadr

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 one hour ago

The official spokesman of the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Abu Raghef said on Friday that the Prime Minister-designate, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will set 10 priorities for his next government, indicating that the stream of wisdom supported him from the beginning, contrary to what is trying to broadcast known media.

Abu Ragheef said in a statement today that “we believe that Abdul Mahdi will go on to set ten basic priorities in his next journey, and the first three will be the compass in directing performance. These three are security, economic mobility and decentralization. This is what we understand through our constant discussions and discussions. in this context”.

He called on “everyone to support Abdul Mahdi and facilitate his mission and not to find obstacles and bumps in front of what he wants to offer to Iraq,” noting that “our support is multiplied by being independent of party affiliation, and does not belong to a political bloc or party or electoral list.”

“We do not disagree with Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr in what he said recently,” he said. “They are general principles that fall within the context in which Mr. Sadr used to be in his previous speeches. He is not surprised and appreciated, and we in the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction are not different in the overall framework. For these descriptions, “urging” political parties to accelerate the support of Abdul Mahdi in the formation of his government and reduce the limits of demands and overcome obstacles. “

Abu Ragheef pointed out that “it is natural that there is a difference in some technical aspects and is a resource of discussion and not a dispute, and some of them related to the mechanisms of selection and conditions when the nomination of ministries and commissioning public sites,” noting that “there are political parties that see that the ministers are outside the House of Representatives completely , And we are wise to see the necessity or obligation to exclude the members of the House of Representatives it is illogical to prohibit the sites of service to them unless there are real impediments to the aggressor.

 “We are with the technocrats in general, and if there are political technocrats, we do not see what they are trying to prevent from facing advanced positions and executive positions, and this does not prevent the existence of independent technocrats in the ministerial cabins alongside the political technocrats.”

“We do not insist on imposing a certain candidate for any advanced position in the country, but we insist on the need to overcome the failures of the governments that have ended and benefit from their experiences,” Abu Raghef said. “There is no moral or political text or political knowledge that requires technocrats to be independent.”

He pointed out that “the wisdom gives full freedom to the Prime Minister-designate in the formation of his team, but we do not see the right to close the door to the competencies and energies eligible for management under certain headings,” noting that “Abdul Mahdi will not be a cabins in the way points and volumes of blocks and seats as in the The case in previous times “.

Abu Raghef pointed out that “the political obstruction and the decline in the reality of service and pressure of the street and the position of the Supreme Reference Council and the crises of the country during the past two years have made the country’s leaders and decision-makers in front of the choice of agreement on the nomination of Abdul Mahdi, a figure of confidence and much confidence in his ability to find political balances, Government and state. “

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday not to nominate any minister from the coalition, “Sawson” in the cab, the new government appointed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, while revealing an agreement between the blocks puts the latter under probation for a year to assess the performance of his work, waved the uprising of the Iraqi people in case Abdul Mahdi failed in his duties after the expiration of the period.

The new President Barham Saleh has been commissioned after his election in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the delegation of most of the parliamentary blocs Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the next federal government.

Abdul Mahdi meets with political blocs to agree on the names of ministers

Abdul Mahdi meets with political blocs to agree on the names of ministers

The deputy of the building block, Amer Fayez, that “the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi is holding meetings and discussions with the political blocs on the agreement on the specifications of the names he needs to fill positions in his government.”

He pointed out in a press statement to him on October 5, 2018 that “the political blocs are also consultations and dialogues with the names that will choose to fill these positions, and each bloc will submit five names, the president chooses one of them,” according to the Agence France-Presse.

Fayez explained that “the general trend of the blocks is to go towards choosing new faces for these positions,” stressing that “the mechanism of testing independent ministers by Abdul-Mahdi will be through consultation with the political blocs and give him the mandate to choose ministers and personalities efficient.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich expressed his hope for a “quick formation” of a “comprehensive government” in Iraq with “respect for constitutional deadlines” after Abdul Mahdi was named prime minister. He also congratulated Barham Saleh for his election as President of the Republic. “I hope that the election of the president will pave the way for the rapid formation of a comprehensive government,” he said.

The parliament was elected last Tuesday Barham Saleh, President of the Republic, which in turn assigned Abdul Mahdi, candidate of the “largest bloc” to form a new government within 30 days according to the Constitution, a task seems daunting amid the search for several coalitions within parliament to present itself as the most present and therefore the right representation Larger.

Will Abdul Mahdi succeed in forming the government ahead of schedule? The Sadr Alliance answers

Will Abdul Mahdi succeed in forming the government ahead of schedule?  The Sadr Alliance answers
 17 minutes ago

(Reuters) – A coalition led by Sadr loyalist Moqtada al-Sadr said on Friday that Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi will succeed in forming the new government before the 30 days of his appointment.

The leader of the coalition Ayman al-Shammari, told Ashqaf News, that “the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi will succeed in the task of forming a new government before the end of 30 days, the constitutional neglected that was given to him,” noting that “Abdul-Mahdi did not face many hurdles in the task of forming a government All the political forces are supportive of him, who nominated or supported his candidacy. “

“Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi will be very careful in choosing his Cabinet, which may delay the process of announcing the government, but this delay will not last longer than 30 days.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday not to nominate any minister from the coalition, “Sawson” in the cab, the new government appointed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, while revealing an agreement between the blocks puts the latter under probation for a year to assess the performance of his work, waved the uprising of the Iraqi people in case Abdul Mahdi failed in his duties after the expiration of the period.

The new President Barham Saleh has been commissioned after his election in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the delegation of most of the parliamentary blocs Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the next federal government.


Saleh tells King of Jordan by “personal interest”

Editorial Date: 2018/10/5 16:47

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received on Friday a phone call from King Abdullah II of Jordan, congratulating him on his assumption of his duties as President of the Republic. He also wished him full success and the Iraqi people progress, peace and prosperity.

The Jordanian monarch confirmed the country’s readiness to develop and expand close cooperation in all fields, including serving the two brotherly peoples in parallel with continuing coordination and consultation at the regional and international levels.

For his part, President Barham Salih expressed his “deep thanks to His Majesty King Abdullah II”, stressing “his personal interest in more distinguished and strategic relations between the two countries.”

He also referred to the importance of enhancing economic cooperation through the joint committee between the two countries. He also welcomed Jordan’s role in the reconstruction and agriculture projects, while encouraging Jordanian companies to invest in new production projects.