Kurdistan is delighted Barzani: Abdul-Mahdi the right person for prime minister


Merzur Barzani: Abdulmahdi the right person for prime minister
 Twilight News    
 5 minutes ago

The adviser of the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region welcomed Barzani on Thursday, the head of the opening list Hadi al-Amiri, and discussed with him the developments of the Iraqi political process and steps to form a new Iraqi government, and stressed the need to abide by the principles of the Constitution and respect for the rights of components. 
During the meeting, al-Amiri congratulated the Kurdistan Democratic Party on the success of the parliamentary elections in Kurdistan, hoping that it would be an effective step for the advancement of the situation. 
And on the efforts to form a new Iraqi government, Barzani pointed to the need for the principles of partnership and balance and harmony, asking Amiri to have an active role to consolidate these principles.
On the role and potential of Adel Abdul Mahdi, charged with forming the new federal government, Barzani said that Abdul Mahdi is suitable to run the post of President and Minister of Iraq, wishing to devote all his endeavors and possibilities to find a quick and appropriate solution to the problems and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad within the framework of the Constitution as well as work to provide basic services and daily Iraqis

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