URGENT Abdul-Mahdi confirms King Salman’s efforts to develop cooperation between the two countries


Editorial Date: 2018/10/3 23:27 
The King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, telephoned Adel Abdul Mahdi on the occasion of his appointment as Prime Minister of Iraq.
King Salman congratulated King Salman 
for his sincere brotherly feelings and expressed his desire to develop horizons of cooperation between the two brotherly countries. In various fields 
The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a cable of congratulations to Adel Abdul Mahdi on the occasion of his mandate to form a government 
The Crown Prince expressed his most beautiful congratulations to his country and best wishes to Iraq and its brotherly people for further development.

Deputy: Agreement to grant Abdul Mahdi full freedom to choose ministers

Date of release: 2018/10/3 21:50

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) MP on the coalition of reform and reconstruction, Ghayeb al-Amiri, on Wednesday, to give Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi full freedom to choose his cabinet cabinet.

Al-Amiri told «Euphrates News» that «what happened yesterday victory for the will of the Iraqi people to elect the President of the Republic Barham Saleh and the appointment of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, ‘pointing out that« the mechanism was specific to give the full freedom of Abdul-Mahdi cabinet selection cabinet and success lies in the selection of ministers of technocrats And professionals without pressure. ”

“There was guidance to some political blocs not to elect the President of the Republic, but they did the opposite and proved their patriotism to the people and today’s demonstration of the circulation of power historical event did not happen previously, a positive point and reflect on the good in the next.”

“There is no magic wand for Abdul Mahdi, but according to the data he has a good environment for his success, including the support of the reference,” he said, adding that “the strength of Abdul Mahdi in his first start to be firm and courageous and strong and there will be many pressures, Supreme religious and victory over the preacher. ”

He concluded that “the elimination of corruption and the formation of ministerial cabins parallel lines, the selection of the most efficient will be his tool to succeed and eliminate corruption.”


an American senator determines “godfather” Saleh’s election as president of Iraq

US senator defines "Godfather" Saleh election as president of Iraq
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 37 minutes ago

US Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday acknowledged Iran’s victory over his country in the election of the president of Iraq and its prime minister, adding that Qassem Soleimani was the co-founder of the Barham Saleh election.

“It is wrong to believe that in the matter of determining the president and the Iraqi prime minister to distinguish the victorious party between Iran and his country,” Rubio wrote in a tweak at his Twitter account.

He promised that Iran would be “victorious” over the victory of Barham Salih as president of the republic, adding that it was clear that Iran was victorious, pointing out that the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Qasim Soleimani himself drafted the agreement on his choice and described this agreement as a bad development.

The candidate of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, was elected president of Iraq on Tuesday night. After his election, he immediately received congratulations from the ambassadors of Britain and America in Baghdad, as well as from the US envoy to the international coalition, Brit Mkgorek, who said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Saleh by phone.

At the same time, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi congratulated Saleh on the election of President of the Republic of Iraq.

Iraq ‘s economy plans to buy a Gulf bank

Iraq plans to buy a Gulf bank
 one hour ago

(Reuters) – The Iraqi Trade Bank (EBI) has held talks to buy a Gulf bank with branches in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar as part of a strategy to boost its revenues outside its domestic market, while it has finished preparations to open a branch in Saudi Arabia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Bank, Faisal Al-Hims, said that the talks are underway, and that the purchase is expected to be completed within six to eight months, did not disclose the name of the bank.

This comes after the Iraqi Trade Bank said in August that it had suspended plans to buy a commercial bank in Turkey due to the lira depreciation.

The Iraqi government-owned bank, with assets of about $ 20 billion, contributes about 80 percent of Iraq’s trade finance activities.

The Iraqi Trade Bank plans to open its first branch in Saudi Arabia in the first quarter of 2019 after obtaining the necessary approvals.

He said the branch will focus on trade finance, but will also do some corporate banking activities. The Riyadh branch will have about 45 employees.

“Trade between the two countries is growing strongly and could double by 2019.” Trade between Iraq and Saudi Arabia currently stands at about $ 1 billion.

The Iraqi Trade Bank has 25 branches in Iraq and a representative office in Abu Dhabi.

Homs is in Abu Dhabi to sign a 100 million euro ($ 115.5 million) loan deal with Comverse Bank, which will allow him to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Iraq.

The bank said in a statement that it aims to support public and private sector projects, and that the focus of the financing partnership will be on the export contracts granted to Commerzbank customers in Germany and other European countries.

The Bank continues to look for other opportunities to develop and enhance its revenues, which amounted to $ 757 million in 2017.

“This year, because of the diversity of our activities from trade finance alone, to retail and investment banking, we expect higher revenues,” he said.

Last week, the bank launched an investment fund in Iraq targeting corporate clients and individuals with high financial solvency.

The $ 25 million fund will increase to $ 100 million to target investors across the Gulf region, he said.

He said the bank was in talks with Iraq’s state oil marketing company to set up hedging facilities for Iraq over oil price fluctuations.



Halabousi: I am entrusted with the trial of corrupt and conspirators and I will start with the likes of the Sunnah


Release date: 2018/10/3 18:21 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) President of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi vowed to start the trial of the corrupt and what he called “conspirators and traitors.”
Al-Halaboussi posted on his page in the social networking site {Twitter} today, saying, “Promise and covenant .. We will be held accountable and prosecuted the corrupt and conspirators and traitors and start with who represents the Sunnis first.” 
The parliament was elected on Tuesday evening as Barham Ahmed Saleh, the president of the republic, and officially took over from Fuad Masum on Wednesday. 
Saleh assigned the candidate Adel Abdul Mahdi to form a government and will have 30 days to form a government and submitted to Parliament for approval
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The President of the Republic receives an official invitation to visit Kuwait

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President of the Republic Barham Salih received on Wednesday a phone call from Kuwait’s Amir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

During the call, Al-Sabah expressed his congratulations on his election as President of Iraq, while at the same time calling on the President of the Republic to visit Kuwait.

The President of the Republic praised Barham Salih, congratulating the Emir of Kuwait and wished Kuwait progress and pride.

The Iraqi parliament voted on Tuesday to name Barham Saleh as president of Iraq.


Iraq is borrowing 100 million euros

Date of release: 2018/10/3 14:17

{International: Al Furat News} The Iraqi-owned Commercial Bank of Iraq signed a loan agreement with Commerzbank to support small and medium-sized businesses in Iraq.

The bank said in a statement it aimed to support public and private sector projects worth up to 100 million euros ($ 115 million) in terms of volume of business.

The focus of the financing partnership will be on the export contracts granted to Commerzbank customers in Germany and other European countries


Abdul Mahdi sends a message to Abadi: Thank you for your congratulations and I need your support and advice

BAGHDAD / … The charge of forming a government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Wednesday, a letter to the Prime Minister, outgoing, Haider Abadi.

“I thank you very much for your sincere congratulations and to pray to the Almighty to continue the march that you have carried out over the last four years with all its difficulties and successes. I am aware of the weight of responsibility, and I will certainly need your support and advice,” Abdul Mahdi said in a letter received by Iraq News. We are accomplishing the tasks of strengthening the security of the country, providing services and a decent life for our courageous and courageous people, and in keeping with the lives of our martyrs. ”

He congratulated the outgoing Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Tuesday night, Wednesday, succeeding Adel Abdul Mahdi on the occasion of his mandate to form a government.

Al-Abbadi said in a letter to Abdul Mahdi, published by his media office: “Dear brother Adel Abdul Mahdi, peace be upon you, congratulations on the occasion of your mandate to form a new government and wish you success in its formation and choose who is best to fill the government positions to provide the best services to citizens In your hands to what is the pride of Iraq and its people and to preserve its security and well-being. ”

The president-elect, Barham Salih, had tasked Tuesday evening, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to form a new government.

The House of Representatives, was elected Tuesday, the candidate of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Barham Saleh, President of the Republic of Iraq, where Saleh won the second round of the vote 219 votes, while his opponent of the Democratic Party Fouad Hussein on 22 votes only.