The House of Representatives invites candidates for the Presidency of the Republic who meet the requirements to attend the building of the Council on Monday

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The House of Representatives, Sunday (September 30, 2018), applicants to the presidency, to attend the Council, tomorrow.

The Council said in a statement that it “invites the ladies and gentlemen who met the conditions of the law of the provisions of candidacy for the post of President of the Republic and who announced their names on the website of the Council to attend the building of the House of Representatives (Palais des Congrès) on Monday, 1/10/2018 at 10 am” .

The Council explained that “the ladies and gentlemen who meet the legal requirements are Sardar Abdullah Mahmood Times, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, Omar Ahmad Karim Al Barzanji, Sarwa Abdul Qahad Ibrahim, Abdul Karim Ali Abtan Jubouri, Barham Ahmed Saleh Kassem, Fouad Mohammed Hussain Bakki, Nawar Saad Mahmood Hussein Al-Mulla, Salim Hamza Saleh Khader, Jabbar Shati Abd al-Hasan al-Tamimi, Kamal Aziz Qaituli, Munther Menem Saad Jabr Al-Bawi, Menqat Abdul-Latif Mustafa Al-Saffar, Mohammad Saleh Hama Faraj Jaf, Radhi Saeed Bader Salman Al-Faily, Aboud Al-Kalabi, Emad Kamal Saeed Mouloud, Ahmed Moh Mohamed Nouri Bayat Ihsanoglu, Thaer Ghanem Mohammed Ali website, Ayoub Derbas Moussa, Rahim Aboujra a certain Saadi, Riaz Mohammad Mazhar behind the weighted “.


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