Halabousi: blocs agree to abide by the constitutional terms for the election of the Presidents of the Republic and ministers

Policy  2018/09/30 16:54  99   Editor: nn

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Halboussi said on Sunday that all political blocs agreed to abide by the constitutional terms for the election of the presidents and ministers.

A statement from his media office said that “Al-Halbusi received at his office the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Naofumi Hashimoto. At the beginning of the meeting, the guest Ambassador congratulated Halabousi on his election as Speaker of the House of Representatives and wished him and the Council success in their new tasks.”

He said Halabousi, according to the statement, “his keenness to develop the relationship between the legislative institutions and activate the Committee of Friendship Parliamentary Iraqi and Japanese,” welcoming the “reception of any parliamentary delegation from the Japanese parliament.”

Halaboussi pointed out that “the development of economic relations will reflect positively on the relationship between the two countries, wishing the new ambassador Mufqiya in his duties.”

On the ongoing negotiations between the political blocs to complete the selection of presidencies, stressed Halbusi, “All agreed not to exceed the constitutional terms for the election of both the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.”

For his part, the Japanese ambassador, “his country’s support for Iraq, stand by the Iraqi people, and complete what his predecessor began to develop relations between the two countries.”



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