Halabousi policy defines the specifications required by the Prime Minister and confirms: most of the axis with the construction

Halabousi sets specifications required by the Prime Minister and confirms: most of the axis with the construction
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The head of the House of Representatives Mohammad Halboussi said on Sunday that he hopes Iraq will not run the majority, but with understanding the name of the prime minister. “Most of the deputies of the national axis are with the coalition of construction,” 
he said in an interview with the official Iraqi channel, “We hope not to run Iraq by majority, but by understanding the name of the prime minister,” noting that 
” But he said, “We need an agreed prime minister, and must be chosen with an Iraqi vision, we need a prime minister to come down to the field.” 
He also pointed out that “our relationship with the world and neighboring countries should be better than in the previous political and economic transactions, ” The political interlocutor does not serve us.” 
on the file of Basra, confirmed that Halbusi Processors lies in the encirclement of the problem in Basra and the rest of the provinces, “adding that” Basra should be the city of dreams is not a ghost town. “
“We will go to Basra to discuss the money that has been disbursed to the province.” 
He pointed out that “some MPs have special interests with ministries,” pointing out that “most corruption exists in the executive institutions.” 
He also warned that “the attacks on the House of Representatives will be investigated,” declaring “his unwillingness to pay the tax of others.”



Halabousi: Prime Minister will be the specifications of the reference and we will hold accountable all the insult to the Parliament (expanded)


Release date: 2018/9/16 23:10 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, on Sunday, that the next prime minister will be the specifications and standards and conditions set by the Supreme Religious Council.
“The supreme authority will have a role in choosing a prime minister according to the specifications, criteria and conditions that he has set,” Halaboussi said in his first televised meeting after receiving the post. 
“So far, the largest bloc has not been resolved and it has not yet seen its details.” 
He explained that “the best solution to choose a prime minister is an Iraqi dialogue away from any external and regional interventions,” stressing “we want a prime minister of qualitative and agreed between the blocks and not in the language numbers and number of deputies.”
Al-Halbusi expected that “the Prime Minister will be independent and will be stronger than his predecessors because of the distribution of seats of deputies because there is a large bloc or a majority will oppose or question him and I think that the Shiite blocs will provide an acceptable figure within the constitutional deadlines,” warning “to delay the formation of the government of the existence of several important files to her head, Waiting for the Iraqi people who will not be silent for a long time. ” 
“There are frequent and organized attacks and an agenda against the House of Representatives instead of being an observer became an observer,” noting that “we will activate the committees of parliamentary affairs in the charges against the House of Representatives and will make legal proceedings.” 
He pointed out that “some portray that the problem of Iraq is the salaries and allowances of deputies, but perhaps not much is known by virtue of my previous position as governor of Anbar, the facilities of members of the provincial councils is greater than the deputies.”
“There is a target for the legislative institution and it is necessary to address the root of the problem and who harms the institution, whether inside or outside, and this is determined by it.” 
“I do not think that the problems of Iraq will solve the salaries of deputies, but we want to protect and immunity of deputies from any financial temptations and corruption problems and we should create a decent life for deputies to perform their functions in a sound atmosphere.” 
He pointed out that “the salary of the MP is 7 million and 400 thousand dinars, which is higher by about one million dinars from the post of governor, which is the rank of Undersecretary and the budget of the parliament less than 1% of the general budget.” 
He added that “the parliament was subjected to pressure from government institutions because of the conflict of powers and electronic armies and we should improve the image of the House of Representatives in front of citizens and enhance confidence between them in addition to the legislation of important laws have political differences and stalled since previous sessions.”
The head of the parliament confirmed his intention to fight corruption, saying: “Corruption is a phenomenon and determined to fight it, and unfortunately there is a failure in the work of institutions involved in fighting corruption from the Integrity Commission, the survival of the post of head of integrity by proxy and voted by the House of Representatives is wrong because it will be a tool of the Prime Minister and be bound and Capable of performing its functions as required “. 
He stressed that “the file of departments should be closed by proxy because it will close the door of many files of corruption,” denying at the same time what he was expected to buy the presidency of the parliament for $ 15 million, ” 
He said,” We came today to change the generation believes in a common dialogue and do not want a rivalry and intersection between the legislative and executive authorities, “We are facing today the problem of changing an old political generation with a new one.”
He called for “the need to release the dues of the provinces from the budget and it is important to distribute the powers as we want the prime minister to enter the field and follow up the institutions of the state ministries and provinces and others.” 
“We need to activate the private sector and investor confidence and leave the rent economy. Unemployment is paid to terrorism.” He expressed his hope that “all political parties are ambassadors of their country and not an instrument for their use by foreign countries and agenda.” 
“We do not accept Iran’s interference in Syria and we do not accept the attack on Iran from Iraq. We must protect the country and the neighbors. Today everyone is aware of the need for stability in Iraq,” he said. “I will spare no effort to serve all Iraqis.

wise reveals the truth of the meeting of the son of Sistani with the most prominent candidates for prime minister

Hakim reveals the truth meeting Sistani's son with the most prominent candidates for prime minister
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The former deputy in the Iraqi parliament, Abdul Hadi al-Hakim, held the son of the reference Sistani Mohammad Reza meeting with the candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi government Adel Abdul Mahdi in the presence of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr. 
“I have attributed to some social networking sites and news agencies news that claimed to be close to the reference of Sistani Abdul Hadi al-Hakim that Mohammed Reza, the son of the reference Sistani met Saturday, the most prominent candidate for prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi and informed him of his father’s approval for his candidacy For this position and encouraged him to address the events in the country and that this meeting was attended by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr. ” 
He added: “If I deny what was said about me, but deny that such a meeting, I hope the media to investigate the authenticity of the news before publication, to ensure its credibility with readers, in addition to the importance of its commitment to its journalistic and legal responsibilities.
Politicians familiar with the file of the formation of the government, the veteran politician, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the candidates for the presidency of the new government. 
After 2003, Abdul Mahdi returned to Iraq after years of opposition and became an alternate member of the interim Governing Council. 
He served as finance minister in the interim Iraqi government headed by Iyad Allawi from 2004 to 2005, before winning the 2005 legislative elections and then became vice president for the period 2006-2010. 
The last post taken by Abdul-Mahdi was the Ministry of Oil, which resigned in March 2016, against the backdrop of a wave of demonstrations and sit-ins demanding reform, and decided not to participate in any future elections. 
Abdul Mahdi, a former leader of the Supreme Council, has succeeded in establishing a good relationship with both Iranians and Americans in the past period, and established a network of relations with Sunni and Kurdish leaders.


National security restructures the federal police teams and documents the Turkish violations of the airspace (expanded)


Date of release: 2018/9/16 21:23 • 78 times read
The National Security Council decided on Sunday to reconsider the organizational structure of the police forces and to document the Turkish violations of Iraqi airspace.
A statement issued by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abbadi received a copy of the news agency, “The meeting discussed the topics on the agenda, foremost of which is the maintenance of the security and stability and control of the Iraqi border and document violations in the atmosphere and territory, To the Federal Police and arming it to enhance its complementary role with the Iraqi army forces. The Council also discussed the stability of the situation in the province of Basra and measures to protect citizens and private and public property. 
“The Council agreed that the Ministry of the Interior will review the organizational structure of the federal police teams, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take measures to document the Turkish violations of the Iraqi airspace at the United Nations and return them to the National Security Council.”
He added that he had decided to deploy border guards along the Iraqi-Turkish borders to protect the border and prevent any violations and provide sufficient numbers and supplies for this, as well as the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Interior and the authority of the Minister of Interior to negotiate and sign.

Barham Saleh outside the nomination for the presidency of the Republic and Mullah Bakhtiar closest to the post


Date of release: 2018/9/16 17:14 
[Ayna-Baghdad] The 
list of candidates for the presidency of the Republic and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan from Barham Saleh after the despair of his return to the ranks of the Union.

Informed sources said Sunday that the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which was dedicated to the selection of a candidate for the post of President of the Republic of Iraq is over. 
According to the information confirmed by the sources of candidates for the position are: [Mullah Bakhtiar and Latif Rashid], indicating that the family of Jalal Talabani, which was supporting Latif Rashid in the meeting, while supporting the Kurdistan Democratic and a section of the leadership of the National Mullah Bakhtiar, came after the inability of the Union to convince Barham Saleh to return to his ranks and carry out his previous duties as second deputy secretary-general of the party in the face of his candidacy for the presidency today. 
The sources pointed out that deciding on the selection of one of these candidates depends on the decision of the high-level meeting between the Democratic and Patriotic Party of Kurdistan, scheduled to be held on Sunday, and may be resolved through a telephone call to discover the opinion of the Democratic Party.
The sources pointed out that the resolution of the issue if assigned to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, this party is closer to the approval of Mullah Bakhtiar, while he refuses to nominate any of Adli Jalal Talabani. 
For their part, activists in the political side pointed out that the game of politics can not be solved and we may all be surprised by the new president of Iraq. 

Abdul Mahdi sets a condition for the acceptance of prime minister


Date of release: 2018/9/16 19:47 
An Iraqi political source said on Sunday that Adel Abdul Mahdi, the former vice president is the closest to the presidency of the next Iraqi government.

The source, a Shiite leader, said that “the competition was between Abdul Mahdi and other personalities, but there is a Kurdish-Sunni consensus on him,” noting that “Abdul Mahdi is waiting for approval of the reference Ali al-Sistani to give his consent to the political blocs to take over the post.” 
He added that “Abdul-Mahdi told the political blocs that can not accept the post without the consent of the reference, which said that the experimenter does not try.” 
The Iraqi Council of Representatives has resolved on Saturday, the controversy over the nomination of its new president, where the former governor of Anbar, Mohammed Halbusi won the job with 169 votes out of 298 votes, ahead of his rival Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who received 89 votes, while the Speaker of the House of Representatives The former with 19 votes.

Halabousi calls on Larijani to visit Baghdad and confirms rejection of sanctions against Iran

Date of release: 2018/9/16 19:18 •

(International: Euphrates News) President of the Islamic Shura Council in Iran congratulated Ali Larijani, Speaker of the new House of Representatives Mohammed Halboussi on the occasion of his victory in the parliamentary elections by telephone on Sunday afternoon.

In this conversation, Larijani expressed the hope that Iraq will be able to complete the current political process by choosing a prime minister and a president quickly, which will reflect on the political, economic and social conditions in Iraq and thus contribute to the security, stability and welfare of society.

The head of the Islamic Shura Council on the important role Halbusi in stabilizing the current situation in Iraq, pointing out that Tehran has always wish for Iraq and its people and his happiness and pride. ”

For his part , the President of the new Iraqi parliament , expressed his appreciation Islamic Republic of Iran, expressed his thanks to congratulate Larijani , adding that the people And MPs in the Iraqi parliament express their appreciation for the support of Iran to Iraq without hesitation earlier and now, especially with regard to the liberation of Iraq from terrorism and urging Al

Halbusi that the Iraqi parliamentarians protest against the practice of any economic pressure and sanctions against Iran, These sanctions are unfair and will be stressing Baghdad to the Iranian people.

Halbusi and added that Iraq is ready to stand by Iran to restore security and stability to the region.

The President of the Iraqi parliament , an official invitation to the President of the Islamic Shura Council to visit Iraq. Ended


Kurdish parties meet to agree on the final candidate for the presidency


04:51 – 16/09/2018

Special – Mawazin News A 
deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on Sunday, that the two Kurdish parties will hold a meeting shortly to agree on the candidate of the final Kurds to the presidency, while he indicated that he will be announced his name in the coming hours. 
“The issue of the nomination of the next president is confined to the National Union, but there will be a meeting shortly with the Kurdistan Democratic Party to agree on the candidate who will be presented to the presidency of the House of Representatives for his election as president,” MP Hareem Khorshid said in an interview with Mawazine News. 
“The meeting will discuss the candidates and choose one of them,” he said, adding that “his name will be announced in the coming hours.” 
On the validity of the candidacy of Latif Rashid and Mullah Bakhtiar for the presidency, Khorshid stressed that “their candidacy is correct, but everything will be decided by the meeting.”
It is noteworthy that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives set the meeting on September 25, to elect the President of the Republic


The United Nations welcomes the election of the Presidency of the House of Representatives and expresses its disappointment


04:38 – 16/09/2018

(Reuters) – The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) on Sunday welcomed the election of the speaker of the lower house of parliament and his two deputies, and expressed disappointment at the lack of women in the post. 
“The head of the mission, Jan Kubic, welcomes the election of the Chamber of Deputies to the President of the Council and his two deputies and congratulates the elected officials, namely the President of the Council Mohammed Al Halbusi and his deputies Hassan Al Kaabi and Bashir Al Haddad. UNAMI looks forward to working with The new parliamentary leadership and the House of Representatives, and is ready to offer any assistance requested. “
“The Special Representative appreciates the perseverance of the President of the Council, who presided over the meeting, and commends the sense of responsibility that motivated the candidates to compete for leadership positions in the House of Representatives. The lack of access of any qualified women prominent to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, and urges the deputies and political leaders to fulfill their pledges and elect women to other leadership positions in the House of Representatives and ministerial positions and other senior positions in the next government.
He urged Kubic, according to the statement, the forces and political blocs to “accelerate the move forward, and commitment to constitutional times, the process of electing the President and then the Prime Minister, followed by the formation of a national government in favor of reform and cross-sectarian and based on cooperation and partnership between the various components of Iraq and its categories, Corruption “. 
“Only a government with these conditions can restore citizens’ confidence and work quickly to meet their demands to improve public services, provide employment, development and economic reform, protect Iraq’s interests and ensure full respect for its sovereignty and independence,” he said.