SOS” mercenaries get a contract worth $ 5 million to protect the US embassy in Baghdad



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US mercenary company SOS announced it has secured a $ 5 million contract plus a four-year contract by the US military to provide human resources, accounting and technical security assistance services to the US embassy’s security cooperation office in Baghdad.

“SOS will also support the development of the Iraqi army while increasing the military’s ability to respond to threats and counter-terrorism operations,” the company said on its website.

“The company has supported US efforts in Iraq since 2003 and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Office of Security Cooperation at the US Embassy in Baghdad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Frank Helmeck, the company’s chief executive.

SOSMG Ltd., as it is known, is a company engaged in the field of administrative security services for individuals and institutions, and its crew consists of mercenaries.

Blackwater, a US security firm, was convicted of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square in Baghdad in 2007 during an indiscriminate shooting.


Calm calm controls Iraq amid anticipation of a “decisive session” Friday


GMT Friday, 14 September 2018

The Arabs today - calm and cautious control of Iraq amid anticipation of a "decisive session" Friday

Iraqi Parliament
Baghdad Nahal Kabbani

There is a state of cautious calm in Iraq, at a time when the debate on the legitimacy of the Iraqi parliament session on Friday, headed by the oldest members, pending the resolution of the blocs names of candidates for the three presidencies.

A crucial session

And announced the oldest President of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad Ali Zinni that the meeting will be crucial in the selection of candidates for the presidency of the Council after the agreement reached with representatives of the blocs on the subject.

He said in a press statement that “the political blocs concerned with the selection of candidates for the Presidency of the Parliament in order to begin to resolve the positions of the President and the Prime Minister because the general situation in the country does not tolerate escalation, especially with the unrest in Basra .”

The Sunni House on the choice of the Speaker of the Parliament reached its final stages in resolving the names of its candidates, at a time when the vision of the Supreme Shiite Leader Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani on the choice of candidate for the presidency of the next government itself within the Shiite house by excluding some of the top potential candidates for the post, including the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi Who is the favorite for a second term.

The nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, the number of 9 during the past two days to a comprehensive review between the political blocs, both within the alliance of Sunni forces or with partners of the Shiites and Kurds, reducing the chances of many of them to win the post.

The head of the tooth is forced to continue
The legal expert Ahmed al-Abbadi said in a statement to the “Middle East” on the debate on the constitutionality of the parliament session on Friday, to choose a Sunni president and a Shiite deputy and a second deputy Kurdish, “The head of the age is forced to continue to preside over the meetings in the absence of consensus between the political blocs that Bear the constitutional breach “.

He added that “the winning blocs are not committed to the contexts and timing of the constitutional ruling on the election of presidencies, starting from the original president of the parliament and two deputies and then open the nomination for the election of the President of the Republic and the Declaration of the Great Bloc,” explaining that the President of the old takes up his work in light of Articles 54 and 55 of the Constitution.

Khalidi said in a press statement yesterday, according to what was announced by the MP for “Baiarq good” Mohammed Khalidi, one of the nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, today will be crucial on the consensus to choose the name of the new president, “The meetings and negotiations between the Sunni blocs have not reached a result yet, They have shares in terms of votes. “

The most likely candidate
“We are expected to reach either in the Sunni house or in agreement with other Shiite and Kurdish partners to agree on the candidate for prime minister,” said MP Mohammad al-Halbusi, who is the most likely candidate in parliament.He added that “the order of the presidency of the parliament will be resolved during Saturday’s session.”He considered that “all indications are in favor of my candidacy of a near-complete consensus, whether inside the Sunni house or the national space.”

The head of the “victory coalition” in the province of Nineveh, former defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi, one of the nine candidates for the presidency of the parliament, the political community meeting with the leader of the “alliance decision” Osama Najafi, one of the strong candidates for the position, and the achievement of consensus between them, On the way to a third competitor.

Political files on the table Nujaifi and Obeidi
“Nujaifi and al-Obeidi discussed the political files and the displaced and the reconstruction of the liberated cities in the presence of a group of leaders and politicians led by Saleh al-Mutlaq,” the statement said after the meeting, noting that they “agreed on the importance of concerted efforts to encourage Arab and international investment companies to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated cities, “He said.

Nujaifi, according to the statement, “the steadfast national positions and the perseverance of Obaidi,” and wished him “more success in his endeavors to provide the necessary service and assistance for all the people of Iraq.”

For his part, Obeidi praised the “good efforts and the spirit of Iraq, which is characterized by Nujaifi,” asserting “the convergence of views on current issues and competition Sharif in terms of running for the leadership of the House of Representatives in the next phase.”

Obeidi said that “any loyal national figure will lead the parliament will win the country and will find all the support of national benefactors, contrary to whether the presidential platform is one of the institutions of corruption industry, which are waiting for opportunities to harm the interest of the people and the homeland.”,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700214&usg=ALkJrhghJpPQqQiQ-HgHz20EedhWTxytyw

Urgent policy .. The axis of the year exclude Nujaifi and declare Halabousi a single candidate for the presidency of Parliament

Twilight News

17 minutes ago

The spokesman for the National Axis Laith Dulaimi, the adoption of Mohammed Halbusi candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi parliament, which is scheduled to be elected in a meeting on Saturday.

Dulaimi said in a statement, “We have resolved the national axis sole candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi within the Sunni bloc , the most numerous with allied blocs with them amounting to more than 50 deputies.

He added that it will be announced officially pm fourth Rashid Hotel in the presence of all deputies.

The Axis announced earlier the adoption of the nomination of Osama Najafi and Mohamed Halbusi to the presidency of the parliament within the expanded to include nine candidates from other blocs.


URGENT National axis: the agreement to resolve the nomination of Halbusi to head the parliament

Release Date: 2018/9/14 0:53 
The National Axis has decided its only candidate for the presidency of the House of Representatives within the Sunni bloc, the most important of which is the mass blocs with which more than 50 deputies, God willing (for Mr.Mahmad Halhbousi) will be officially announced at the fourth hour in the Good Hotel in the presence of all deputies .. The 

official spokesman of the national axis Laith al-Dulaimi


Abadi: I wish I did not run for a second term (extended)


Release date: 2018/9/13 20:25 
The outgoing Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, announced his resignation from the nomination for a second term in the next government a few days after the Supreme Reference Commission did not support the former candidates in the premiership.
“I did not want to run for a second term and I did not aspire to it, but some advised me because we have achieved security and economic victories, but I would not have gone along with this opinion because of the political conflict over the post,” Abadi said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday. 
“There is no clinging to power from us and we call for a quick formation of the government and I promised surprise and this is a decision today,” pointing out that “a quarter of his coalition victory is not against my candidacy but hesitant and I did not insist on it.” 
Abadi added that “the coalition of victory is strong and continuous in its national project to reform the situation of Iraq and cross sectarianism,” stressing his commitment to “the directives of the Supreme Reference.” 
On the problem of water in Basra and his last visit to the province, said Abadi, “Water is now in Basra enough to maintain, but must remove the excesses on pipelines and obstacles here and there.”
“We appreciate the attitudes and concern of the families and elders of the Basra tribes and regret the media attack false attack on our convoy in the province is not true and some political parties to move away from this draw and the declining approach is a political escalation of the parties do not want good for the Iraqis. 
He renewed the Prime Minister, “the call to accelerate the nomination of the Presidency of the Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic and the formation of the largest bloc and the task of nominating her candidate to form a government away from sectarian quotas abhorrent and work in a national spirit.” 
He warned that “the continuation of political differences will give an opportunity for terrorism to return and targeting cities and so far control the security situation and our intelligence agencies violated terrorist groups.” 
He stressed that “this government will continue to provide services and assume responsibility to the last day of its life and until the formation of the new government.”
“I am surprised by the negligence of the local governments in Basra in solving the problem of water accumulated years ago in the province and now on our heads and could be solved before the start of the summer season.” 
“We have a ministerial cell working continuously in the province to remove obstacles in solving the water problem and we need the government of Basra to expedite the provision of required to complete the appointments.” 
“The stock of Lake Tharthar is enormous, but it is below the required level. We need giant pumps to use. We hope rain will fall in the winter season to compensate and fill the gap, or we will resort to using what is available,” he said.

Sadr: agreement on the nomination of independent figures technocrats for prime minister

Release date: 2018/9/13 20:18
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, revealed a political agreement on the nomination of independent technocrats for prime minister, while the opposition party in the next government will be waved if politicians continue to reject these figures.
“We have agreed with senior Iraqi officials to nominate several independent technocrats for prime minister and a purely Iraqi decision. The candidate should choose his ministers away from partisan, sectarian and ethnic divisions, but according to correct and acceptable criteria according to specialization, experience and integrity,” Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter. 
He pointed out that “some politicians were quick to reject it and rejected the idea of ​​independence and even rejected the technocrats to return Iraq to the first square to return the corrupt new dress and dominated by their parties and economic bodies on the capabilities of the people and rights,” pointing out that “if they continue to do so I will announce my involvement and the opposition Style “
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Barzani and Mkghurk discuss the formation of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan elections

Barzani and Mkgurk discuss the formation of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan elections
 2 minutes ago

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Massoud Barzani met in Arbil on Thursday with the US special envoy to the alliance against “Ba’ath” Brett McGurk. 
The meeting was held in the presence of US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Suleiman, the two sides exchanged views on the latest efforts to form a new Iraqi government and the new Iraqi parliament session on September 15. 
The meeting highlighted the election process for the parliament of the Kurdistan Region, and stressed the coordination between the United States and the Kurdistan region in the continuation of the war against “Dahesh.” 
Within a month, he held several meetings with the Kurdish and Iraqi parties on the formation of the Iraqi government. 
The Iraqi parliament is due to convene on Saturday to elect its president.

Iraq ‘s economy increases the salaries of the popular crowd and makes a decision to register the cars of a certain segment


Iraq increases the salaries of the popular crowd and makes a decision to register the cars of a certain segment
 13 minutes ago

The Cabinet held its regular session Thursday under the chairmanship of Haider al-Abbadi, discussed the situation in the city of Basra, and several issues and the issuance of resolutions, including the approval of the exemption of textbooks from customs duties. 
The Council of Ministers decided to increase the salaries of members of the popular mobilization and equality with their counterparts in the armed forces and from the date of the first of the tenth month of this year as defined by the General Budget Law of emergency reserves. 
The Council agreed to provide funds for the purpose of delivering electricity to the pumping station project Lake Tharthar. 
In support of the projects of reconstruction and investment in Basra, the Prime Minister referred the project of the Mufti housing and tourism to the Supreme National Investment Commission for the purpose of study and re-presented to the government. 
The Council approved the proposed mechanism and recommendations for solving the problem of damages and the impacts of water, sewage, sewage and other projects.
The council also agreed to complete the project of Imam Hussein II roundabout, in addition to approving the postponement of the payment of the customs duties imposed on the materials involved in the construction of the Imam Hussein compound in Karbala governorate after confirming the quantities of the competent committee in the Prime Minister’s Office. 
The Council approved the registration of vehicles for the disabled and the special needs in accordance with the relevant resolutions. 
The Council of Ministers also approved the Ministry of Finance to transfer the allocations of contractors’ entitlements according to the projects of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, in addition to transferring the amount to the Ministry of Transport from the allocations of the implementation of the project of the breakwater west of the port of Faw Al-Kabeer receivables of the Korean company executed. 
It was agreed to transfer the rights and obligations of companies in the Electricity Authority canceled to the Ministry of Electricity. 
The Council agreed to amend the name of the College of Architecture for Human Sciences to become the College of Architecture.