Abadi’s office responds to Sadr’s call for the release of Basra funds

Editorial Date: 2018/9/7 16:07


The media office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the invitation of the leader of the Sadrists , Muqtada al-Sadr to launch funds for the province of Basra.

“The funds for the province of Basra have been allocated directly by Abadi and will be diverted away from routine and bureaucracy in order to provide services in the province of Basra,” a statement issued by the office said.

He referred to “giving all financial and administrative powers to the governor of Basra, As’ad al-Eidani by the Council of Ministers in its meeting last Tuesday.”

He added that Abadi “directly follows the completion of projects and provide services to citizens in the province has been sent a high-level ministerial committee to follow up and overcome all obstacles.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, called the outgoing Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, to launch financial allocations to the province of Basra.

“I think you should not imagine that the [Basra revolutionaries] are a [bubble] as your predecessor thought of others. He rushed to release the money of Basrah and hand it over to [honest] hands so that immediate and immediate service projects could be started immediately and warned against complacency,” he said. Dilution “.

The province of Basra, angry demonstrations against poor services, drinking water scarcity, lack of electricity and widespread unemployment, and caused clashes between demonstrators and security forces killed dozens of both sides.



Sadr’s policy calls for tomorrow’s meeting in parliament: Leave the largest bloc

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The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Friday the Iraqi Council of Representatives in its new session to allocate its meeting scheduled for Saturday to the conditions of Basra.

Sadr said in a statement on the platforms of social networking, “Twitter” that “the parliament is held, make tomorrow’s session of Basra exclusively, nothing else.”

“They left the struggle of the blocs, and left the formation of the largest bloc, and left the spoils for your people.”


Sadr al-Abbadi: The money was fired from Basra and do not imagine that its revolutionaries are a bubble as your predecessor imagined

11:58 – 07/09/2018

Baghdad – Moazin News 
The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to launch the money of Basra and handed over to fair hands. 
Sadr said in a tweet to him on the site of “Twitter” addressed to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, which said, “Brother Abadi, I think you do not imagine that the revolutionaries of Basra is a bubble as your predecessor thought others, rushed to release the funds of the province and delivered by honest hands to be immediately start projects Immediate and future service “. 
He warned the prime minister of “complacency and dilution”


Sadr’s security moves military units to Basra

Sadr moves military units to Basra
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 one hour ago

Shafaq News / Al-Hayat newspaper reported that armed units belonging to Muqtada al-Sadr received orders to prepare to move towards the city of Basra. 
The crisis and the escalation in Basra, after confrontations between security forces and demonstrators, led to dozens of casualties in their ranks, between dead and wounded, and they protest against unemployment, deteriorating services and corruption. 
The members of the group “Saraya al-Salam” of the Sadrist movement, they were instructed to move military units from areas of deployment in Baghdad, Najaf and Samarra towards Basra. Observers saw Sadr’s move as justified by protecting demonstrators who were shot during their protests. 
The protesters in Basra yesterday burned the offices of the Dawa parties and the Islamic Supreme Council and the Badr Organization, and Alasib and attacked a building belonging to the television «Iraq» official.
The port of Umm Qasr was closed yesterday after protesters blocked entrance and blocked trucks and employees from entering or leaving. According to army and police sources, angry demonstrators set fire to the building of the local administration in Basra in the evening. 
The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi issued orders yesterday not to use live bullets in the face of demonstrators, after information about the presence of armed groups deployed snipers to target them. 
The armed movement of the elements of the “Peace Brigades”, coinciding with Sadr’s threat yesterday to a new position of the events in Basra, said that “does not occur in the mind” and “Sizlz thrones corrupt and sectarian.” 
He called for “ending the informal interventions in the province of Basra, especially the interventions of parties and militias and popular mobilization to maintain its reputation.”


Al-Abbadi office: granting the governor of Basra exceptions that have not been obtained by any governorate or ministry


Release Date: 2018/9/7 13:44 
The spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi’s office announced the imminent release of 425 billion dollars within the trillions and 500 billion dinars promised by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the province of Basra.
Al-Hadithi said in a press statement that “the money promised by the Prime Minister can not be launched in full, especially after he set a number of conditions for launching it is to provide the province a request to the prime minister to implement the projects with the details attached and the mechanisms of spending as well as the ceilings of implementation.” 
Al-Hadithi pointed out that “the government gave an exception to the governor of Basra from the instructions to implement the laws in force in terms of contracting and referral to companies,” confirming that “that exception has not been given by the federal government to any local government or ministry.”
On the issue of water salinity and governmental procedures in this regard, Al-Hadithi stressed that the Ministry of Water Resources has increased the water releases from the back of Nazem Qal’at Salih, which is 75 cubic meters per second and 7.15 cubic meters per second from Al-Bida Canal, but the violations prevented Basra from benefiting from the increase of these releases. That “the process of lifting the excesses by the security forces are sufficient access to water, which can push the tongue saline.” 
Turning to talk to the grades allocated by the government to the citizens of Basra and other provinces, he stressed that the government seeks to provide financial allocations to the K grades of one of the existing items in the financial budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018, which obliges the government to allocate Alwadipip degrees in the event of availability of financial as well as the existence of emergency reserve funds.

Urgent {Al-Furat News} published the text of the speech of the Supreme Reference on the events of Basra

Release date: 2018/9/7 13:05

(Karbala holy: Euphrates News) criticized the supreme religious authority, strongly the performance of officials towards crises in the country, including Basra province, “stressing” the formation of a government different from its predecessors. ”

“The supreme religious authority is following with great concern the developments in the city of Basra, expressing the deep pain and regret for what happened to him, which I warned of him,” said the representative of the supreme authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai, in his Friday sermon delivered from inside the courtyard. On more than one occasion but unfortunately did not find ears to listen to their warnings, and today we reiterate the reference to several things:

The first: We affirm our absolute rejection and condemnation of the severe attacks on the peaceful demonstrators, especially the shooting of them, which led to the fall of many of the victims in their ranks and the wounding of many others and strongly condemn the attack on the security forces in charge of protecting buildings and government facilities throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and so on Injuring dozens of them, and also condemning the attack on public property, burning, breaking, looting and so on.

He pointed out that “these practices, in addition to being unjustified by law and law, cause new crises and complicate the solution of the problems that citizens are suffering at the present time. Therefore, we appeal to everyone to stop these practices and not to use violence, especially excessive violence in dealing with protests and avoiding overtaking public and private property .


The oppressed Iraqi people who have long patience for the fall of the former regime of terrorist attacks left hundreds of thousands of victims, widows and orphans, and then presented the best of his sons in defense of Iraq and its holy sites in a long war that lasted long in the face of terrorism. And deprivation for 15 years in the hope that the new regime will result in a situation different from the past in which they enjoy a decent and stable life.

He added that “this patient and calculated people can no longer bear more patience on what is seen and touched by the indifference of officials to solve the growing problems and crises intractable, but preoccupied with the dispute among themselves on political gains and the spoils of government positions and sites and allow foreigners to intervene in the affairs of the country and make it an arena for regional and international disputes and conflict On external interests and agendas.


The suffering of the citizens in Basra and other governorates from the lack of basic services and the spread of poverty and unemployment and the spread of corruption in various institutions of the state is a natural result of the poor performance of senior officials and sensitive positions in successive governments built on the basis of political quotas and favoritism and lack of professional care and efficiency The selection of officials especially important sites and service and can not change this tragic reality if the formation of the next government in accordance with the same basis and standards, which were formed in the formation of previous governments

“From here we have to press for the new government to be different from the new ones and to take into account the efficiency, integrity, courage, determination and sincerity of the country and the people by choosing its senior officials,” Sheikh Karbalai said.


The lack of efficiency of some officials, the lack of interest in others, the administrative routine, and the intersection of the government and the government, Between stakeholders and such obstacles have exacerbated the problem and reached a stifling crisis.

He stressed that “it is essential that the decision-makers to the executive authority to follow up the serious and serious strategic projects, especially related to infrastructure and take quick decisions critical, according to what experts see specialists and not to leave things in the event of intersection and the tension between officials or the adoption of routine mechanisms impede the completion of the project which does not Should last six months, for example, to several years.


That in order to solve many of the existing problems some time and can not be resolved in a short period of time, it is necessary that officials show a clear seriousness in taking the necessary steps in this regard so that citizens have some confidence and confidence that there is a real will to end their suffering, it helps to calm the souls and ease tensions The participation of senior officials, ministers and others in the workplace and their personal follow-up, and their listening to the demands of the citizens and seeking to meet them, however possible, can be overcome by administrative procedures.