Sadr’s policy is “sad” and “angry” about the events in Basra: Do not test our patience

Sadr is "sad" and "angry" about the events in Basra: Do not test our patience
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The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday expressed his anger at the current events in the city of Basra.

“We are saddened to see the tragedy in our oppressed eyes,” Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter’s social networking site.

“What angered me is the unjust encroachment by some of the security forces on unarmed demonstrators who only want a living with dignity,” he said.

“We must join efforts to lift Basra out of corruption, sectarianism and militias,” he said. “Our pride and pride are the heart of a vibrant Iraq, so you will be attacked in Basra, and I advise you not to test our patience.”

The city of Basra on Tuesday, the rise in the pace of protests against lack of services and administrative corruption and the absence of employment opportunities, leading to clashes between protesters and security forces, resulting in dozens of dead and wounded.


Central Bank: We aim to create a solid banking sector



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New trends adopted by the Central Bank to change the banking reality and make it move to a better stage of the banks contribute to the realization of social benefits and contributions to the actual economic development through the implementation of service and productive projects in more than a detailed economic.
Director General of Banking and Credit at the Central Bank Ihsan Al-Shamran confirmed “the Central Bank’s accession to the organization (Aliyevi) on the issuance of standards of Islamic banking, came at the request of the organization, which wanted to join the Central Bank, after the expansion of Islamic banking in the country and exceeded 20 banks, This organization in the state of Bahrain and another in Malaysia. “
He pointed out that “the pattern of control over banks has developed significantly, and the central bank is pushing the banking sector towards a real service to the national economy, especially as the function of banks to raise funds from those who have financial abundance and employment towards the benefit of the national economy and parties involved in the process.
He stressed that “the directions of the new Central Bank include the development of the foundations of control, and here I mean the participatory control supervision control and take the hand and guidance, to create a solid banking sector capable of supporting the national economy and the use of funds in the tracks supporting the process of sustainable development.” Al-Shamran: “The positive step of the Central Bank Supporting the economic sectors through the initiative of 6 trillion dinars, including 5 trillion dinars for the banks specialized agricultural and industrial and housing and «2» trillion dinars for private banks, “noting that” a major shift in the work of the central government, which is a government adviser, and this initiative enable the protection of A state at the time of financial hardship and indirect instruments. “He pointed out that” social initiatives launched by the Central Bank, shared with the banking system after the local banks began to realize social responsibility for them, “not to the fact that” in all parts of the world there is a social responsibility rests on With banks contributing to projects that belong to the community and also contribute to the benefit of most of the groups, where the proportion of the profits to the community initiatives.
He explained that “the prime minister formed a committee to manage the lending initiative for 6 trillion dinars, and the central bank part of the committee that looks at the actual needs and the real joints that require directing funds towards them and benefit the national economy,” noting that “the central bank encourages the support of projects that move The market through this initiative. “He pointed out that” the amounts of initiative start less than 50 million dinars and up to 20 billion Iraqi dinars, and this is a positive indicator of the Central Bank in support of the economy and society. “ He stressed that “the central bank’s assessment of participatory assessment leading with banks, to precede the imbalance in performance and evaluation of work, and we have specialized committees in the selection of bank leaders to show the importance of looking at the horizon of the farthest results achieved.” For banks that put under the tutelage, Shamran said: The banks under the tutelage come from the possibility of returning to life and revive it, protecting the funds of depositors and reputation banking, which led us to adopt measures to help revive, and we have in 2016 nearly 8 banks are very troubled and then plans by the Central Bank saved 6 banks And resumed its activities.

Legal expert: The elderly violates the Constitution and the Federal Court adheres to interpretation, not signatures


Date of release: 2018/9/4 16:10 
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi confirmed that the Federal Court adheres to interpretation and does not go far to signatures.
Al-Tamimi told the {Euphrates News}, that “Article 76 of the Constitution ensured that the parliamentary bloc is the most numerous that won the elections or that the coalition with others and formed the largest coalition, and the interpretation of the Federal Court supported it,” explaining that “the Federal Court adheres to interpretation and does not go Away from signatures “. 
He pointed out that “the revision of the signatures will make the Federal Court delayed in deciding this subject; the existence of criminal and interpretive and increase.” 
Tamimi pointed out that “the head of age was not successful in lifting the first meeting of the House of Representatives and contrary to Article 54 of the Constitution, and the issue of Ijtihad does not need it has a precedent in 2010.” 
He explained that “the head of the age if adopted the parties will go to the vote to choose the speaker of the parliament and his deputies, which needs half the total number +1 and he could adopt the voters and those who have the objection goes to the Federal Court.”


Democratic Kurdistan: resolve our alliance depends on the federal decision and accept our conditions



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The Democratic Party of Kurdistan, on Tuesday, not to resolve the negotiations on the accession of Kurdish forces to the largest bloc, pointing to the Kurdish alliance will wait for the decision of the Federal Court to name the largest bloc.

The leader of the party, Shwan Taha said in a statement to / information /, that “the Kurdish delegation continues in its negotiations with various political forces in Baghdad, but the file to determine the largest bloc last resolve the Kurdish situation.”

Taha added that “the political blocs did not answer the unified Kurdish paper on the constitutional demands to normalize the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil and how to manage the state in the next government.”

He explained that “the Kurdish position will be resolved in two cases first, the Federal Court to determine the largest bloc to launch negotiations with them directly or through the approval of the political forces in Baghdad on the paper Kurdish demands,” adding that “the Kurdish negotiating delegation settled in Baghdad until the Federal Court decision “He said. Ending / 25 d

Allawi’s policy calls for an urgent meeting between the Shiite and Kurdish camps

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Shafaq News / The head of the National Alliance, Iyad Allawi, called for what he called an urgent national dialogue involving the Korg and the coalition of “building” and “reform and reconstruction.”

“As we expected, the first parliamentary session was disrupted, and the parliament did not succeed in electing its president and vice presidents amid a deep polarization, which we fear of its repercussions on the future of Iraq and is going through its most sensitive and embarrassing conditions,” Allawi said in a statement.

He added: “I would like to start an urgent national dialogue between the very specific parties of the reform and construction coalition on the one hand and the Kurdistan Alliance on the one hand and the coalition of construction on the one hand to prevent the aggravation of the crisis and to reach reasonable and acceptable solutions that guarantee the safety and stability of the country. The most important is the agreement on the form and type of the next government program And labels. ”

“Current conditions do not allow for a real and effective opposition and everyone should bear the responsibility of advancing this country and addressing its crises,” he said.

Al-Nasr, Ssaroun, Al-Hikma and Al-Watania coalitions, in addition to other parties, have reached an agreement to form the largest bloc of 177 deputies under the name of the Nuclear Alliance.

Later, a coalition of “State of Law” led by Nuri al-Maliki and “the conquest” led by Hadi al-Amiri, reached another agreement to form the largest bloc in parliament, under the name of “coalition building”, which includes 145 deputies.

The Iraqi constitution provides for the dissolution of the positions of the presidential body of parliament during the first session. In the event that the parliament fails to name its presidential body, the parliament session remains open for fear of entering into a constitutional violation.

After the session, deputies will have 30 days to elect a president (Kurdi) who will receive two-thirds of the votes.

When elected, the president of the country has 15 days to commission the largest parliamentary bloc to form a new government.

The next government faces a major social and health crisis that began nearly two months ago, during which protesters in southern and central Iraq called for improved public services and infrastructure in areas that have suffered severe shortages for many years, especially in the areas of water and electricity.


URGENT Head of Age: Determination of September 15 for the election of the speaker and his deputies

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