URGENT Al-Watan officially nominates Talal al-Zobaie to head the parliament


Release date: 2018/8/31 22:02 • 498 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The National Coalition nominated, on Friday, officially leader of the coalition Talal Zobaie to the presidency of the new House of Representatives.
“The leaders of the National Coalition, today held an expanded meeting to discuss the latest developments and developments of the political situation and consultations are underway to form the largest bloc in the presence of Iyad Allawi, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Salim al-Jubouri.”
He added that “the meeting witnessed an exchange of views on the files raised, and was emphasized on the unity and cohesion of the coalition and refused to engage in any understandings or alliances based on sectarian or sectarian basis and the emphasis on moving away from the parties and parties accused of corruption.
The statement pointed out that “the meeting came out with a number of recommendations, most notably the agreement on the nomination of MP Talal Khudair al-Zobaie as Speaker of the House of Representatives and also the annex to the national blocs that want to reconstruct this country and stay away from those who want to return Iraq to what it was in the past era.”
“The meeting also called on all political forces to renounce sectarian and sectarian subjugation and to work together to unite efforts behind a comprehensive national project that establishes the principle of partnership and national consensus and the advancement of Iraqi reality to safety.”
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