Twilight News published the names of members of the delegation to Baghdad , the two main parties and their program

Twilight News publishes the names of members of the delegation of the two main parties to Baghdad and their program
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

A joint delegation representing the two main parties in the Kurdistan Region on Saturday, the Federal Capital Baghdad to negotiate with the political blocs winning the legislative elections that took place recently on the formation of the new federal government.

The delegation of the two main parties includes six members representing the Kurdistan Democratic Party, including: Secretary of the Political Bureau of the party Fadhil Mirani, Party spokesman Mahmoud Mohammad, member of the Political Bureau and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region Jafar Aminki, representing the National Union Party spokesman Saadi Ahmed Bira, and leaders Farid Rwandzi , And Khaled Shawani, according to a source familiar with the.

The source told Ashqaf News that the delegation will travel immediately after his arrival to the residence of President Fuad Masum, and hold two meetings there, one of them a bilateral between him and the members of the delegation of his party National Union, and the other tripartite includes all members of the delegation.

The source added that during the meeting with the infallible will put forward the joint work program of the delegation to engage in understandings, and dialogues with the Iraqi political blocs to agree on the composition of the largest bloc, and proceed in the formation of the new federal government, stressing that the delegation has prepared the negotiating paper,

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