Karbouli’s Policy The United Nations is to present the program of Sunni forces to the new Iraqi government


Karbouli presents the United Nations program Sunni forces of the new Iraqi government
 25 minutes ago

The head of the coalition of Iraqi forces and leader of the National Axis Alliance, Jamal al-Karbouli, met in his office Friday with the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Iraq (Jan Kubic).

A statement issued by the Information Office of Karbouli that the latter “reviewed the efforts of the political blocs to the formulation of an Iraqi government program capable of meeting the security challenges, political and economic facing Iraq to the stage of construction and reconstruction and promote stability.”

The statement quoted Karbouli as saying that “the need for the next phase national programs of action and Iraqi personalities are capable and able to assume responsibilities and innovation in the implementation of the phases of the government program away” from political and partisan rivalries and outside the framework of regional and international attraction, which is agreed upon by all parties to the National Axis Alliance in determining Proximity to our partners at home. “


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