Iran: Iraq’s commitment to US sanctions will lead to the collapse of the Iranian currency

 money and business

Economy News Baghdad:

Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Bitarram Sultani, the Iraqi government’s commitment to US sanctions against Iran, considering that this will lead to the rise of the dollar and the collapse of the Iranian currency .

“One of the reasons for the rise of the US dollar is the cooperation of the Iraqi government with US sanctions against Iran, ” said Bitarram Soltani in a tweet to him via his official Twitter account .

“The commitment of the Iraqi government to implement sanctions will lead to a reduction of the dollar entry from Iraq to Iran, ” Soltani said.

“How does a friend country and a brother behave like this, what do we expect from other countries?” Soltani slammed Iraq’s commitment to US sanctions. ! “.

The Iranian official wondered at the end of a tweet about the real winner in the relationship between Iraq and Iran .

Iran is the second country after Turkey in terms of volume of trade with Iraq, where the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Iran in 2017 about 6.7 billion dollars, of which only $ 77 million is the value of Baghdad’s exports to Tehran .

The Iraqi authorities decided to stop importing Iranian cars, fearing that their markets would be affected by US sanctions .

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said last Tuesday that he was obliged to abide by US sanctions despite not being “sympathetic” to them .

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