Democratic Kurdistan confirms the compatibility of visions with the nucleus of the largest bloc


Release date: 2018/8/27 23:00 • 180 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Abdul Salam Barwari, on Monday, agree visions with the blocks of the nucleus of the largest bloc.
Berwari told the {Euphrates News} that “the visit of the delegation of the nucleus of the largest bloc to Erbil today received mutual satisfaction and mutual understanding,” pointing out that “the delegation came to the visions and points of the main program of the government is compatible with the points that we set the two Kurdish parties on the formation of the largest bloc and the next government “He said. 
He pointed out that “the Kurdistan Democratic Party decided to join any larger bloc guarantees guarantees not to repeat the previous mistakes in the political process, so that the gathering of parties that visited Erbil confirmed their commitment to the Constitution, but will be clear promises in writing the government program.” 
“We still stand at one distance from all the political forces and we want a party that gives certain fixed points in the government program and not to repeat mistakes. We are still hearing the media that everyone will abide by the constitution but we do not think there will be guarantees to implement the agreements.”
“Dialogue continues with all political forces,” Berwari said 

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