Barham Saleh’s alliance reveals the conditions of the Kurdish opposition to join the larger bloc

Policy  2018/08/27 22:42  1037  Editor: gf

Baghdad today – Arbil

Arslan Abdullah, leader of the Justice and Democracy Alliance led by Barham Salih, said Monday (August 27, 2018) that opposition parties have several conditions for joining the alliance of the largest bloc to form a government.

Abdullah said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that “one of the most important conditions that we agree with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the National Union is the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas covered by Article 140 and the share of the Kurdistan region of the budget and return to the previous rate of 17% and the subject of salaries of Peshmerga and real partnership In the State Administration. ”

He added that “these basic points can be negotiated together with the two parties and consider them the conditions of the general Kurds, and what is important to us is the implementation of these conditions and we have no positions at all.”

He added that “the implementation of these demands will be with him and our conditions are essential and we may go to the option of the opposition if not implemented and we were hoping to get into one team goes to Baghdad, but that we go two teams better than dispersed in several quarters,” pointing out that “the parties were negotiating On the demands to give up after the formation of the government in exchange for positions and gains they are always looking for.

The opposition forces in the Kurdistan region said on Sunday (26 August 2018) that they agreed to form an alliance representing four Kurdish blocs in the new Iraqi parliament, away from the ruling parties, the Democratic and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and announced a similar position to the rest of the Kurdish parties on disputed territories Including Kirkuk.

The four blocs, the Movement for Change and the Alliance of Democracy and Justice, the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group in a joint statement, after a meeting in Sulaymaniyah, that “was agreed at the meeting on the formation of a coalition of the four blocks in the House of Representatives.”

“The coalition to be formed to represent the Kurdish opposition will confirm during the negotiations the formation of the federal government on a radical solution to the problems of the federal government with the region … in particular the re-normalization and joint administration of security and administrative areas of the disputed.”

She pointed out that “the opposition coalition will work to establish constitutional institutions to ensure partnership and harmony and balance of all components of Iraq.”

The Kurdish opposition parties have a total of 11 seats, while the new generation alliance won four seats but was not officially announced joining the opposition four-party alliance.

The President of the Kurdistan region, former Massoud Barzani, said on more than one occasion that the solution of the problems of Iraq can be if the commitment to the three principles of “real partnership” in the federal government and the consensus in the adoption of national decisions and balance in the institutions of the state.

Although there is a division between the Kurds within the region, but the goals, programs and positions of most parties look very similar in Baghdad to a large extent.

The four blocs have already contested the results of the parliamentary elections and said that the rigging and manipulation, especially in Sulaymaniyah.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, recently, that “the Kurds unite before going to Baghdad during the negotiations,” and ruled out “the success of any government marginalized.”

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