Axis” Sunni declare a “document of principles” with the Kurds and infallible continue his meetings and the latest with Fayadh

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one hour ago

“The National Axis,” which includes the Sunni blocs winning in the Iraqi elections that took place recently, continue to lead, and his delegation understandings with the rest of the blocks and parties winning in order to name the largest bloc in preparation for the formation of the next federal government.

“The negotiations of the national axis with the Kurdish side have reached an advanced stage in preparation for signing a document of principles that can be the basis for rebuilding the state on sound bases to overcome the failures and failures that we have reached, which proved its complete inability to find real solutions to the problems Which has been recycled since 2003 until today. ”

The statement added that the meetings and dialogues conducted by the axis currently did not lead to the final understandings, rejecting the dictates and preconditions, saying that “the axis will not deal with them.”

The statement added that the axis “will not deal with any unreasonable desires to deal with one party without another from the parties to the national axis.”

In the meantime, President Fuad Masum met in Baghdad on Saturday evening national security adviser Faleh al-Fayadh, according to a presidential statement.

The statement said that “the meeting dealt with the most important political developments in the country, foremost among them efforts to form the largest parliamentary bloc,” adding that “has been stressed the importance of commitment to the constitutional text on the date of the new House of Representatives.”

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum met yesterday evening with the leader of the coalition, “victory” Prime Minister Haider Abadi and discussed the acceleration of the formation of the largest bloc, and the first meeting of parliament to choose a new government for Iraq, the first also held earlier in the day a similar meeting with his deputy and leader The coalition of state law Nuri al – Maliki.

The blocs, “Saroon” supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, and the coalition of “victory” and “wisdom” led by Ammar al-Hakim, and “national” led by Vice President Iyad Allawi, announced on Sunday, the twentieth of August this year to form what they called nucleus of the mass The largest in the Iraqi parliament.

Sadr and Abadi represent the first axis of the Shiite blocs winning in the elections that took place in May, while the second axis consists of the alliance, “the conquest,” which includes factions of the popular political crowd led by Secretary General of the Badr Organization Hadi Amiri, and a coalition of state law led by Vice President Nuri al-Maliki.

It is noteworthy that both axes are competing for the naming of the largest bloc and the formation of the next federal government through an alliance with the two main parties in the Kurdistan Region, namely the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and “National Axis” which includes most of the Sunni winners of the elections.

The powers need 165 seats, out of a total of 329, to form the largest bloc to be entrusted with the formation of the next government.


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