Wisdom reveals the date of the announcement of the formation of the largest bloc

Information / Special …

Revealed the stream of national wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim, Friday, the date of announcing the formation of the largest bloc and go to form the next government.

“The formation of the largest bloc will be announced after Eid al-Adha to avoid entering the country in the crisis of protest and public protest,” said the leader of the current Habib terminal in a statement to the “Information” that “the formation of the largest bloc will be announced after victory, wisdom, patriotism and others reached great understandings through the program Government for the next stage. “

He added that “the understandings are still ongoing among all the leaders of the political blocs on the formation of the next government and the largest bloc,” noting that “wisdom and others, victory and patriotism did not put red lines for the other blocs for the purpose of forming the largest bloc.”

He added that “the meeting of the Babylon Hotel between the leaders of the winning blocs got to lay the foundations of the nucleus of the largest bloc,” excluded “to hold a similar meeting for the hotel Babylon in the coming days.”

The member of the State of Law Saad Almtalbi has revealed, on Thursday, the existence of dialogues led by his bloc with more than 200 deputies in the new parliament from various blocs to agree on the government program and the announcement of the largest bloc, stressing that no final agreement with any bloc except the opening.

The MP for the coalition of state law Mansour al-Baiji has confirmed, on Thursday, that his coalition closest to form the largest bloc. End 25 T



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