wise calls for infallible to hold the first meeting and warns of the overthrow of the political process in Iraq

Twilight News

3 hours ago

The leader of the National Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim on Wednesday President Fuad Masum to call for the first meeting of the parliament in preparation for the formation of the next Iraqi government, warning of what he called the overthrow of the political process in Iraq.

“The last days have seen a political movement to form the nucleus of the largest bloc, especially after the court’s ratification of the election results in addition to the call to the reference to speed up the formation of the government,” Hakim said in his Eid sermon from his office in Baghdad.

He called for “the need to accelerate the formation of the government through the invitation of the President of the Republic to hold the first meeting of the House of Representatives and give the opportunity to the largest bloc to form a government according to the Constitution,” saying that “delay means more disruption, which is not consistent with the current stage.”

Hakim stressed the need to “leave the political personality and distance from the atmosphere of forming a government,” saying that “it is not correct to be preoccupied with personal situations complex complex conditions may undo what has been done previously and expose the country to more risks.”

“The sectarian and national equation will not produce a government of service, but will be a compromise formula at the expense of the courage required to fight corruption and lack of provision of services.”