A delegation of five to Erbil to join the Kurdish forces to block “Sadr and Hakim”


Policy  2018/08/21 21:19  6042  Editor: mst

Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The National Wisdom Stream, led by Ammar al-Hakim, revealed Tuesday that a “five-member” delegation comprising negotiators from Syria, Al-Hakim, Al-Nasr, the Patriotic Union of Forces and the Kurdistan Region will join the Kurdish bloc.

The leader of the current Abdullah al-Zaidi told (Baghdad today) that “the announcement of the largest bloc will be after the final agreement with the Kurdish forces,” noting that “the nucleus of the largest bloc has been resolved, and consists of (Saron and wisdom and victory and patriotism and the Union of forces) Will visit Erbil to negotiate the annexation of Kurdish forces to the bloc. ”

He added Zaidi, “The largest bloc settled in favor of the axis (sowron _ wisdom), and the announcement will be after the annexation of the Kurds, to be a mass of all components, without collecting all the parties in them.”

The forces gathered at the Babylon Hotel on Sunday evening, 19 August 2018, announced the formation of the nucleus of the largest bloc and agreed to open up to the rest of the partners.

The forces said in a statement issued at the end of the meeting, “Iraqi national decision stems from the interest of our country and in response to the demands of citizens agreed today to form a nucleus of an alliance seeking to form a parliamentary bloc, which can form a government.”

The Prime Minister of the Alliance of victory Haider Abadi has called on Sunday evening, August 19, 2018, the political blocs to accelerate the agreement on the next government program, to serve the interests of the people, and ensure the provision of services.

The lists seeking to attract the rest of the parties in an effort to form the largest bloc in preparation for nominating a candidate for the presidency of the next government, especially after the announcement of the Federal Supreme Court, earlier, Elections.



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