the Electoral Commission staff to prosecute members, media and channels (attached to the names)

Twilight News

2 hours ago

The High Electoral Commission (IHEC) said on Monday that UNHCR staff intended to establish criminal complaints against Iraqi members of the former parliament, the president of the council and a number of media channels.

“The UNHCR staff in their personal capacity and the UNHCR’s moral personality intend to establish criminal complaints before the courts of investigation in Baghdad and the provinces against anyone who accused the Commission of forgery and manipulation of defamation charges and defamation of its right and the right of its employees, based on Article 2/433 of the Iraqi Penal Code in force.”

The source pointed out that those who will be prosecuted are the following names:

1 – Saeed Kakaee / member of the Board of Commissioners.

2 – Hanan Saeed Al-Fatlawi / former deputy.

2 – the leader of the Salhi / former deputy.

3 – Mahmoud al-Hassan / former deputy.

4 – Salim Jubouri / former deputy.

5 – Mishan Jubouri / former deputy.

6 – Adel Nouri / former deputy.

7- Shaalan Al-Karim / former deputy.

8 – Ahmed Mulla Talal / media.

9 – The director of Al Sharqiya channel added to his job.

10 – The Director of the channel Mosuliyah added to his job.

11 – The director of the channel of change added to his job.


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