Masoum calls on the new government and parliament to achieve reforms and uphold the constitution

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – President Fuad Masum called Monday on the new government and parliament to achieve real reforms and adhere to the constitution as a basis for all policies and procedures required, while here the Iraqi people by Eid al-Adha.

“On the occasion of the Eid al-Adha holiday, and at the same time that millions of Muslims from different countries, languages, creeds and colors stand on Mount Arafat, I am offering you my warmest wishes and blessings on this holy occasion,” Masoum said in a statement received by Iraq News. Muslims in Iraq and the world, and for all humanity, peace, good and destiny, and for our people the greatness, the pride and the unity of the word. ”

“On this blessed occasion, I salute the sacrifices of our valiant armed forces from all formations and units in particular. I wish to pray with mercy to the martyrs of our innocent people who sacrificed their most precious for the freedom and dignity of their people, and to the families of the wounded and the displaced. The people of our people in all its categories and components for the peaceful and civic spirit they have shown during recent demonstrations demanding electricity, water, health, education, solving problems of unemployment, lack of services and fighting corruption. ”

“I call upon the next government and the new parliament, which we will convene in its specific constitutional time, to devote all efforts and energies necessary to achieve the actual, comprehensive and sustainable reforms that guarantee the decent life of all citizens and adhere to the constitution as a basis for all the required policies and procedures. Equality in rights, progress and well-being “. Finished


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