Maliki’s coalition of Kurds: your demand is unconstitutional .. And Kirkuk Iraqi!

Policy  2018/08/21 00:32  193  Editor: en

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance to enter the alliance of the largest bloc sought by the coalition of state law and the alliance of conquest, “unconstitutional”, while stressing that Kirkuk province “Iraqi” and all components.

The leader of the rule of law, Mohamed Chihod said in an exclusive interview (Baghdad today), “The demands of the Kurdish forces to join the alliance of conquest and the rule of law, is part of the ceiling demands very high.”

“Among these demands, was the concession of Kirkuk,” he added, “these demands are unconstitutional and totally unacceptable.”

He continued, “Iraqi Kirkuk for all components, should not be compromised, as should stick to the national constants, and the interest of the country to the personal and partisan interests.”

The head of the Office of the President of the coalition of state law, Hisham Rikabi, has revealed on Sunday (19 August 2018), the movement to announce the largest bloc, was likely to be announced on Monday.

Al-Rikabi wrote in a tweet on Twitter that there are “contacts between the coalition of state law, the Fatah alliance, the (Democratic and National) parties and the national axis (including Sunni leaders).”

He added that “the talk is taking place in these contacts about the formation of the largest bloc,” likely to “announce it tomorrow.”

This came in conjunction with a meeting held on Sunday at the Babylon Hotel in the center of the capital Baghdad, bringing together leaders of victory and wisdom and patriotism, to discuss the formation of the largest bloc, where the combined forces issued a statement at the end of the meeting, announcing the formation of the “core” of the largest bloc, To be open to the rest of the partners.

The lists that led the legislative elections seek to attract the rest of the parties in an effort to form the largest bloc in preparation for nominating a candidate for the presidency of the next government, especially after the announcement of the Federal Supreme Court, yesterday, its ratification on the final results of the elections of the House of Representatives, after checking all the names received from the Electoral Commission for elections.


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