URGENT The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan declares its position on forming the nucleus of the largest bloc


Date of release: 2018/8/19 23:10 
[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced its position on the formation of the nucleus of the largest bloc.

“The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the rest of the Kurdish parties see it is important to speed up the formation of the largest bloc and wait for the results of the formation of this bloc,” Union member Areez Abdullah told the {Euphrates News} that “after the results we will start talks and negotiations, and our position will be national, . 
He added that “we have no conditions, but we call for adherence to the Constitution and not to marginalize and resolve outstanding problems and we have legal demands and we will be with the axis, which is consistent with our political vision.”
He added that “the most important points that we want is to rely on the participation of all components of the Iraqi people not to exclude any class in the society represented by political blocs and the commitment to the Constitution, especially the application of Article 140, which became a chronic article despite the commitment of successive governments, and did not apply as well as resolving the outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad as entitlements Peshmerga Normalization of the disputed areas and commitment to provide services. ” 
He pointed out that “our conditions and our constitutional demands, including Article 140 of the Constitution and the government of a national partnership and the reality of achieving consensus and balance until the application of constitutional articles for the region and its share of the financial budget and the oil file and the benefits of the Peshmerga and must be the largest program of the national program,” noting that ” With all axes so far and do not want to repeat mistakes of the government of the region and the federal government and begin to resolve outstanding problems between the center and the region. “
He pointed out that “we do not put any red line on the candidate, including Prime Minister Abbadi, and the post of President of the Republic is not a problem between the two Kurdish parties, and we insist that the post for the Kurds and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and do not reject the nomination of other candidates.”

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