An economist reveals the bank’s printing of large amounts of currency with small categories to replace them with damage


18:39 – 18/08/2018

Information / Special …

The economic expert Majid al-Suri, on Saturday, the printing of the Central Bank of Iraq large amounts of Iraqi currency with small groups to pump it to the market and eliminate the current crisis and withdraw the damage.

“The Iraqi market is facing a problem in the small currencies of 250, 500 and 100 dinars because of the lack of printing and the large damage and not withdraw.”

He added that “the Central Bank has printed large quantities recently of the Iraqi currency with small groups for the purpose of pumping to markets and pull the damage and eliminate the scarcity,” noting that “the bank faces two problems in resolving the matter works to resolve the first of the   counting and sorting of currency printed and the second refusal of banks to receive damaged currencies For the purpose of withdrawing from the markets. ”

He pointed out that “the bank is working to solve the problem of counting and sorting first and then go to pump and pull the damaged.”

The Iraqi market is suffering from a large scarcity in the small currency categories, which affected the economic movement in daily transactions.

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