Hakim’s movement confirms near the resolution of the largest bloc with alliances Sadr and Abbadi

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The National Wisdom Movement, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, confirmed Sunday (August 19, 2018), near the conclusion of the largest bloc with the other allies and victory.

A member of the Political Bureau and spokesman of the National Wisdom Movement, Nawfal Aburghiv said in a statement received by Baghdad today that “things are moving in a positive, logical and calm, towards the completion of the axis (wisdom / Suron / victory / national / power) and in high coordination with the Kurdish axis, Away from intimidation and misinformation. ”

He added that “the doors remain open to all blocs and coalitions on the basis of understanding and service program and openness, and the national interest.”

The political source has revealed, Saturday 18 August 2018, that the coalition rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, and the opening headed by Hadi al-Ameri, is about to announce the opposition front of the parliamentary, not the largest bloc, according to leaked information.

The source said in an interview with (Baghdad today), “The mass of conquest, and the rule of law, which will be announced Sunday (August 19, 2018), according to the leaks that have spread recently, will be an opposition bloc.”

He added that “it was agreed between others led by Moqtada al-Sadr, and victory under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and the stream of wisdom for Ammar al-Hakim, the national Ayad Allawi, and the Union of Sunni forces, the formation of the largest bloc.”

He pointed out that among the lists that will be within the largest bloc, “Biarik good, and the new generation,” pointing out that “the total seats in the bloc will be 134 seats.”

Well-informed sources said Saturday (August 18, 2018) that the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, intends to announce the formation of the largest bloc, on Sunday (August 19, 2018).

And, that “an agreement happened shortly and was signed to form the largest bloc, which includes a coalition of the rule of law and the alliance of Fatah as well as deputies of political forces represent the other components.”


Sources for the morning: ratification of the election results on Monday

19/8/2018 12:00 am 

Amid the weights of the first parliamentary session of the new beginning of next September 
Baghdad / Sabah / Shaima Rashid

It is expected that the House of Representatives will hold the first session of its new session beginning next September, where sources suggested for “morning” that the names of winners of the elections will be ratified in the Federal Court and announced on Monday, according to the constitutional mechanisms will witness the first session of the parliament, “The largest deputies to end the selection of the Speaker of the Parliament and his deputies to start the selection of the President of the Republic and the ministers, comes at a time, political sources revealed the positive results in talks and negotiations of the winning entities on the formation of the largest bloc that awaits everyone and birth immediately after the ratification of the federal on the net Ij.

The Electoral Commission has sent, last week, lists of the names of the winners of the House of Representatives elections of 2018 to the Federal Court to ratify the results. 
A member of the coalition of victory Haider al-Fawadi, that “on Monday, will see the ratification of the names of winners, and then will call the President of the Republic to hold a session of parliament and the election of the presidential body and the performance of the constitutional oath,” stressing that “there are serious dialogues in order to form the largest parliamentary bloc.”
Al-Foadi said: “The winners were transferred to the Federal Court and according to the Constitution there is a period of fifteen days in order to be a first meeting to be the start of the session of Parliament, especially since there is intense political mobility during this period in order to form the largest bloc.” He added that “the political movement today headed towards the first two fronts led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi and others and wisdom and patriotism and the other state law and the national axis and the Kurdish parties and some independent MPs,” noting that “there is an endeavor within the coalition victory with a meeting brings together the Prime Minister and figures within the coalition with all parties concerned From other parties and moving into national space. ” Legal expert

As for the legal expert Tariq Harb, he stressed that “the first session of the parliament will be immediately after the Eid because the lists of electoral results are before the Federal Supreme Court for approval since last Thursday, and will be ratified before the Eid inevitably.” 
“The Constitution set the President of the Republic 15 days to hold the first meeting, and can be held before because of the situation of the country, so immediately after the feast will be the first meeting of the new parliament headed by the largest members present.” Noting that the political alliances have not been achieved until now and there is nothing reliable, especially that the Shiite blocs did not form the largest bloc after and that the Sunni and Kurdish blocs are waiting for the largest Shiite bloc, “adding that” the Eid period is important to resolve the blocks ordered and there will be no objection to The speaker is chosen at the same meeting. ” Political Outlook

In turn, said the leader of the stream of national wisdom Ali al-Budairi: “The Judicial Committee in the Electoral Commission ended the process of examining appeals and sent the results to the Federal Supreme Court for ratification,” noting that “the Federal Court promised to ratify the election results (on Monday) to start forming The next government. ” 
He added that “the President of the Republic will call the House of Representatives to convene immediately after the Eid to determine the date of the first meeting chaired by the oldest president,” explaining that “the formation of the government and the selection of the three presidencies will end in September next.”
The leader of the coalition of state law Saad Almtalibi, said in a press statement: “The Monday and Tuesday of this week will be the constitutional date for the ratification of the Federal Court on the results of the elections after the hand counting and counting of the candidates,” Almtalbi pointed out that “most of the winning political blocs and losers admitted The results of the elections approved by the judges assigned, “calling for” all blocks to respect the opinion of the Iraqi judiciary. ” 
In the same context, a member of a coalition of law, Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi, announced the formation of the largest bloc formally during the next two days, said Saadawi: “The current scene of the largest bloc includes the conquest and the rule of law and some Kurdish and Sunni parties,” noting that ” Parties wishing to join the larger bloc and our coalition has no red lines on any bloc or personal. ” Formation of the largest mass

On the other hand, political sources revealed the positive results of the talks last Thursday between the Alliance and the coalition of Al-Nasr and the National Coalition and the stream of national wisdom and the Union of Iraqi forces and agreed on most points to form the largest bloc. 
The sources pointed out that “there is harmony of the Kurdish parties with this alliance, which will be more than 225 deputies,” noting that “the other blocs and individual members will join the coalition, including (good bars headed by Khalid al-Obeidi) and the new generation movement and Barham Saleh bloc, , And indicated that “there is an opinion in the blocks in the alliance of conquest to be understanding with this alliance after the failure of their alliance, which they wanted to declare with the coalition of the rule of law,” The sources pointed out that “will be invited to open to join the majority bloc, according to sources of the current wisdom.
In turn, confirmed the alliance Ssron, “Alliances will be clear after the announcement of the final ratification of the results of parliamentary elections 2018 by the Federal Court.” 
A member of the alliance Abdul Aziz al-Dhalimi said in a press statement: “The talk about the receipt of the alliance between Surun and victory, wisdom and national and the Union of forces contacts from a group of candidates from other blocs to join this bloc is not true at the moment.” 
He pointed out that “until now there are no existing political alliances,” noting that “the announcement of alliances will be after the ratification of the results of counting and sorting the hand of the parliamentary elections,” and drew the Dhalimi that “the alliance of Sawson adhere to the conditions of his leader, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to form the next government agreement With other political blocs. “
On the other hand, a member of a coalition of state law, Mohammed al-Musawi, an agreement on the nomination of Nuri al-Maliki for the post of prime minister in the next government, said Moussawi in a press statement: “The alliance of Fatah and the mass of the alliance and the National Axis alliance and some Kurdish blocs agreed to nominate al-Maliki to head the new government” “Noting that” Maliki’s nomination for the position came with the approval of all the blocks during a meeting held on Thursday, “Moussawi pointed out that” the rule of law and the rest of the blocks waiting for ratification by the Federal Supreme Court on the election results. ” 
In contrast to the statement of Moussawi, a member of a coalition of state law, Rasul Radi, that the leader of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki refuses to run for the post of prime minister next, and quoted the newspaper “life” Saudi Arabia, which is published in London, Radhi as saying: “Maliki refuses to run for prime minister for the next session” , And that “

“The leaders of the coalition of state law and the alliance of Fatah, Nuri al-Maliki and Hadi al-Amiri, seek to convince the leader of the coalition of those who walk Moqtada al-Sadr to join a large parliamentary bloc comprising two-thirds of the seats of parliament, fearing the implementation of Sadr’s threat to boycott the government and go to the parliamentary opposition And popular as described, “The sources added that” this fear of the birth of a weak government is riven by divisions and pressure of the street. ” 
For his part, revealed the former deputy Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the efforts to revive the National Alliance after the merger of coalitions of wisdom and victory and others and the rule of law and Fatah, noting that the Shiite blocs are now aware of the danger of going on their own to a broad coalition without integration.
Jaafar said in a press statement: “The Shiite blocs in the case of joining alliances with the Sunni and Kurdish blocs individually, it is unable to face any sign of withdrawing confidence from the government or the implementation of its government program and this is what I have recently realized.” 
He added that “there are serious efforts made during the past few days to the alliance of conquest and victory and the rule of law and others within the National Alliance to manage the situation of the national majority easily without risk of engaging in alliances disturbing,” Jaafar said that “the coming days will see the emergence of new features of that alliance to proceed in forming the next government After the integration of all the Shiite blocs in a unified alliance. ” 
A member of the Fath Alliance, Falah al-Jazairi, played down the importance of going to the opposition coalition, indicating that the conquest of those wishing to be present in the new government.
The Algerian said in a press statement: “Talk about the departure of an alliance going to the opposition does not mean that the government will not continue without it,” stressing at the same time “to ensure the presence of others in the next government that the latter got a high percentage of votes and the number of seats.” He added that his alliance of those who want to stay in the new government, pointing out that “the conquest or other when he wants to form a government, it is non-exclusive means that everyone must participate in the formation of the new government and those who own the national project and have the possibility to provide services to citizens, He pointed out that, “the movement of any bloc to the opposition must be aware of political and social awareness and knowledge of the demands of society in a realistic way.” On the other hand, said the leader of the conquest alliance Amer winner: “So far not resolved the file of the largest bloc,” noting that “

The national axis policy 
to that, stressed the National Axis Alliance, its openness to all blocs and political alliances winning in the elections, and that the largest bloc that will develop the government program, must include the widest possible representation, indicating that the criterion of participation is the agreement on the government program exclusively without any considerations Other.
“In the context of forming the most numerous bloc, the National Axis intensified its meetings with alliances and political entities that won the elections, while at the same time received the national axis official invitations to participate in meetings and negotiations multiple.” He added that “within this endeavor, the National Negotiating Committee of the National Dialogue attended an extended official meeting last Monday at the invitation of the Fath Alliance, and it received an official invitation from the others – the wisdom to meet another official.” The statement pointed out that “the national axis, with all its components open to all blocs and political alliances, he believes that the formation of the most numerous cluster that will put the government program, and agree on the status of the three presidencies, and form the next government, must include the broadest possible representation, The participation or non-participation of any party therein is to agree on the government program exclusively without any other considerations. “
Member of the Wisdom Current Former MP Mohammed Al-Lachash described the “National Axis” alliance, which was recently composed of six Sunni leaders, as “sectarian formation,” calling for the need to distance it from trans-sectarian political alliances.
Al-Wakash said in a press statement: “The announcement of the formation of the National Axis Alliance represented by the six Sunni leaders is a sectarian formation and the political blocs to distance this formation from any alliance of cross-sectarianism,” he said, adding that “most political blocs are strongly seeking to move away from sectarianism Political and working to achieve a clear government program includes all components of the people alike and without discrimination between the category and the other. On the other hand, denied the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, the entry of Kurdish parties in an alliance with the coalition rule of law and Fatah, said the leader of the party, Rebin Salam: “The Kurds so far did not resolve their position on entering into any alliance, Grand “, and explained that” the general guidelines will not be relinquished by the Kurdish negotiating delegation to Baghdad, in all forms, “as he put it.


Alert: the address of the next Iraqi government




Arabawi: wisdom with others and the closest victory to form the largest bloc

Release date: 2018/8/18 23:35

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Political Bureau of the National Wisdom Movement, Salah al-Arabawi, said that the coalition of Sason and wisdom and victory are the closest to form the largest bloc, adding that “we have significant understandings with the Kurdish parties and Sunni in order to resolve the announcement of the largest bloc.”


Finance launches a list of prohibited and customs exempt from import

Release date: 2018/8/18 20:33


The Ministry of Finance issued on Saturday a list of import-free and duty-free materials restricted to epidemiological position.

The General Authority of Customs of the Ministry of Finance said in a statement that “a list was issued consisting of 8 articles banned from importing from abroad,” indicating that “the list of agricultural stone included 11 agricultural material.”

The statement added that “the materials included drugs, fireworks and fertilizers,” pointing out that “the quarantine included the prohibition of the import of grapes, honey and cotton plants.”

The following materials are prohibited from import , according to the ministry:

1. drugs [especially the Ministry of Health] approvals.

2. Fireworks for children.

3. Weapons and equipment [approvals of the Ministry of Defense and the Interior].

4- Chemicals and gases [special approvals].

Fertilizers [special approvals].

6 – chlorine [special approvals].

7. Explosives [approvals of the Ministry of Oil for exploration].

8. Articles of the Agricultural Quarantine Law No. 17 of 1966.

Cotton plant in all its parts.

Palm flakes and all parts of the Palm and its products.

Oceania and its parts and products.

Henna and its parts, except for Iranian origin.

Plant of all parts of the Jet.

Grapes with all its parts and fruits.

Fruits and seedlings of manko [grape] and guava and cream.

Coconut plant and its parts and fiber and its fruit containing the shell [external crust].

Olive seedlings and any part of trees and olive branches.

Honey bees with wax tablets as well as parcels and queens.

Plant materials such as ketch and allied coated for imported, whether agricultural or non-agricultural.


Re-opening the Kirkuk-Irbil road in the coming hours

Date of release: 2018/8/18 18:36


Arbil police chief Abdulkhalif Talaat revealed the reopening of the road between Kirkuk and Arbil on Sunday.

Talat said in a press statement Saturday that “the road of Kirkuk, Arbil, will be reopened at nine o’clock tomorrow morning in the presence of officials from the Kurdistan region and Baghdad.”

The police chief of Arbil, said that “the controls on the Kirkuk-Erbil road will be the police and Asayish Kurdistan region and federal police.”


Urgent sources of the Euphrates: Suron, wisdom, victory, patriotism and the Union of powers around the corner of the announcement of the largest bloc

Release Date: 2018/8/18 21:06

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) informed sources said on Saturday that the convergence and wisdom, victory, patriotism and the Union of powers around the corner of the announcement of the largest parliamentary bloc.

“The sources said the agency,” Euphrates News, “that” Sason and wisdom and victory, patriotism and the Union of forces around the corner of the declaration of the largest bloc, “asserting that” there is harmony of the Kurdish parties with this alliance, which will be more than 225 deputies. ”

She added that “a number of deputies of the other blocs have expressed their readiness to join the alliance of Sason and wisdom and victory, patriotism and the Union of Forces.”


Iraqi FM to Quit Political Affairs Forever


18/08/2018 – 19:11


ERBIL – Iraqi FM Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced that he will quit the political affairs and instead has started to dabble in literature and education, an Iraqi political analyst said on Saturday.

“Iraqi Foreign Minister will quit the political affairs and he will end up in literature and education,” Ghalib Shabandar has written on his Facebook feed.

Meanwhile, Iraqi reports have also cited the Iraqi FM as saying that he will leave the world of politics as soon as a new government is formed in Baghdad.

“I will establish an educational organization that serves the literature and education field,” Jaafari has told reporters.




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