Today .. Baghdad shine with the will of its people


18/8/2018 12:00 am 

Through the opening of 11 squares on both sides of the capital

Baghdad / Mohammed Ismail 
Today, in Baghdad, under the patronage of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the official opening ceremony of the first phase of the development and rehabilitation of the squares, which is the first axis of the initiative of Al-Baghdad, launched by musician Naseer Shamma.

The first phase includes the opening of eleven squares of the Baghdad project, located on both sides of Al-Karkh and Rusafa, the Al-Wa’iq, the Arab Knight, the Eagles, Sheikh Marouf, Aviation, 52, Oran, Muzaffar Al-Nawab, Muthana, Al-Imam and Oujda. 
“Baghdad is the capital of hair and beauty, rising from the burdens of war, terrorism and corruption, by the will of its people and they are working and believing that God sees their good work,” he said. “The Iraqi media network Will remain a support for all serious ambitions in conquering the  
impossible ». 
“Once again, the private sector, represented by the banks, has demonstrated its ability to promote the building of the country in various fields along with the public sector,” said Wadih al-Hanal, head of the Association of Private Banks.

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