the “Axis” alliance announces initial agreement with “Surun”, “Victory”, “Wisdom” and a decisive meeting

Twilight News

2 hours ago

“The axis” national “which includes most of the Sunni blocs winning in the legislative elections that took place last May on Friday intensified his dialogues with the rest of the parties and political parties in order to reach an understanding on the largest bloc to prepare for the formation of the next federal government.

A statement issued by the coalition said today that its negotiating committee “attended an extensive official meeting on Monday at the invitation of the Fath Alliance, and received an official invitation from the alliance” Sason “, and victory” and “wisdom” to meet another official, and we reached the last coalition that there is preliminary approval On the audience. ”

The statement said that “a meeting of the leadership of the National Axis Alliance will be held next Sunday to determine the final position of this call,” stressing that “the alliance of the National Axis with all its components open to all blocs and political alliances.”

The statement pointed to the vision of the alliance “Axis” that “the formation of the most numerous cluster that will develop the government program, and agree on the selection of the three presidencies, and the formation of the next government cab, taking into account all the spectrums of the Iraqi people.

“The criterion that determines the participation or non-participation of any party is to agree on (the government program) exclusively, without any other considerations,” the statement said.

The political sources have revealed earlier in the day on the “positive results” of the talks held yesterday between the alliance, “Saroon” supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, and “victory” led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and a coalition, “National” Iyad Allawi, and “wisdom” led by Ammar al-Hakim and “axis”, which includes most of the Sunni blocs winning the legislative elections that took place recently by agreeing on most of the points to form the largest bloc.

The sources told Ashqaf News that there is also harmony among the Kurdish parties with this alliance, which will have more than 225 deputies. There are other blocs and individual MPs who will join it, including the “Good Pirate”, “New Generation”, Barham Salih Bloc, Turkmen MPs and others.

The sources said that there is a flag in the blocks in the alliance of conquest that the understanding with this alliance after the failure of the coalition, which they wanted to declare with the law.

The sources pointed out that Abadi’s chances returned strongly for a second term, adding that this alliance, which has been working quietly and with high understandings away from the media will form the government.

The sources added that there is an agreement to choose the competent figures to manage the ministries and a clear government work program is currently being prepared by experts in this regard.

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