A joint delegation of five Iraqi political parties to visit the Kurdistan Region


By Rudao 2 hours ago
علما العراق وكوردستان
Note Iraq and Kurdistan

Ruudao, Baghdad 

A member of the leadership of the current wisdom, Mohamed Jamil Mayahi, said Friday, August 17, 2018, that a high delegation representing several Iraqi political parties will visit the Kurdistan Region, in the coming days, noting that the announcement of the largest bloc will be soon. 

“The draft of the political majority has reached its final stages,” al-Mayahi told the Ruddao Media Network. “Wisdom, secrecy, victory, patriotism and the Iraqi Union of Forces are meant to form the largest bloc together.”

He added that “there are talks at a high level to join the Democratic Party of Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Fatah and the Turkmen and Christians to the new alliance.”

He stressed that a joint delegation of these five parties will visit the Kurdistan Region to negotiate with the Kurdish parties on this subject in the coming days.

It is expected that the Federal Court will ratify the results of the counting and the hand counting of votes in the parliamentary elections held on 12 May last, early next September, followed by a meeting between the parties to announce the largest bloc that will form the next government.



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