Former parliament speaker admits defeat in parliamentary elections and congratulates winning MPs


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Former parliament speaker Saleem al-Jubouri on Thursday acknowledged his loss in the parliamentary elections, congratulating the winning MPs.

“The former MP, Saleem al-Jubouri, presents his sincere congratulations and congratulations to the brothers and brothers, the deputies who won the elections of the House of Representatives, and expresses his hope for success, and the repayment of the new deputies in the performance of their legislative role entrusted to them,” a press statement said. And meet the aspirations of our people at this sensitive stage. “

“The House of Representatives in its previous session has played a major role in strengthening and consolidating the democratic process and support the reform plans through the enactment of many laws and the issuance of decisions on that,” Jabouri said, pointing out that “the next phase requires a double effort to strengthen what has been achieved and the launch towards completion Phase requirements and benefits “.

He added that “what has witnessed the recent elections should be present before the next Council, to avoid repeating what happened and preserve the integrity of any future electoral process, stressing” to prevent any character or distortion of the will of the Iraqi voter. “


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