A meeting of others, victory, wisdom, patriotism and the national axis resolves the debate of the Great Bloc


02:06 – 17/08/2018


Baghdad Mawazin News  
A surprise meeting reversed the expectations of the large bloc debate in the presence of negotiators for coalitions are going to victory and wisdom, national and national axis. 
Mawazine News learned that the meeting led to agreement on the formation of the broad coalition representing the 
most numerous bloc  as well as the formation of detailed committees. 
The meeting lasted for about two hours in the presence of representatives of the 
above mentioned alliances  , as well as a large number of others and wisdom. A negotiator who attended the meeting 
noted that what has happened is  a major shift and a step forward towards the formation of the mass bloc. 
The leaders of the Axis coalition, which had attended the meeting, said that the final decision of any alliance will be after contact with the Kurdish blocs and not before that. He went on to say, “We are with the party that is able to provide the Prime Minister among the Shiite blocs and this is their choice.”
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