And victory and wisdom and patriotism “agree” on the principles of the largest bloc and the date of their declaration

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Negotiating Committee of the alliance, “Saroon” supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, the agreement of (Suron and victory, wisdom and patriotism), on the principles of the formation of the “largest bloc” and the date of the declaration.

A member of the negotiating committee in the coalition, Nassar al-Rubaie, in a press statement, said that “the Alliance and the victory and the stream of wisdom and the National Coalition, agreed on all the provisions and principles for the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc, and put her candidate to head the new government.”

Al-Rubaie added that “the agreement included the granting of the next prime minister, the authority to choose members of the government from independent personalities not associated with parties, out of the manifestations of quotas in all forms, whether sectarian or national.”

He explained that “the announcement of the formation of the largest bloc, will be during the first session of the House of Representatives,” stressing “openness to all the winning forces of the elections, to reach understandings on the management of the country during the next phase.”

The political lists are waiting for the approval of the Federal Supreme Court, the results of the elections, after the final declaration according to counting and sorting by hand, as the lists seeking to attract the other parties in an effort to form the largest bloc in preparation for nominating a candidate for the presidency of the next government.

Issuing 6 million national cards in Baghdad and the provinces

15/8/2018 12:00 am

Achieving an advanced percentage of the project throughout the country

Baghdad / Taha Hussein

The number of citizens granted by the Ministry of the Interior unified national cards in Baghdad and the provinces of all the country, nearly six million since the launch of the project almost two years ago.

The director of national card affairs in the ministry, Major General Nashat Ibrahim al-Khafaji, made a special statement to “Al-Sabah”: The Directorate succeeded in converting 206 civil status departments in Baghdad and the provinces to work the new electronic system which includes the issuance of the unified national card for citizens, Is the identity of the civil status and the certificate of citizenship and housing card, after the process of archiving the civil records of citizens registered in that district and storing that information on computers prepared for this purpose. He pointed out that the Directorate hopes to complete the project by the end of this year. Al-Khafaji pointed out that the Directorate has prepared all the necessary equipment and supplies for the success of the project by working on the training of staff members, officers, engineers and technicians in order to manage the large national project which was done in cooperation with the German company.

Next Saturday, the opening of the first phase of the initiative «shed Baghdad»   

15/8/2018 12:00 am

Includes 11 squares of the capital’s important

Baghdad / Sabah squares

Next Saturday, the official opening ceremony of the first phase of the development and rehabilitation of the squares, which is the first axis of the initiative «Alq Baghdad», under the auspices of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The initiative launched by the Iraqi and international musician, Naseer Shamma, to add aesthetic, urban, tourist and entertainment touches back to Baghdad (or the capitals) with its sons to be the capital of the world capitals of its value and depth of civilization and the great achievements of human intellectual achievements, scientific and civilization is still characteristic to today and was the product of thinkers and philosophers and scientists In the various areas, the first phase of the project, according to a statement issued by the initiative, «11 of Baghdad’s important squares that are located on both sides of Karkh and Rusafa are: (Al-Wathiq, Arab Knight, Eagles, Sheikh Maarouf, aviation, 52 Eagles, Zafar MPs and Muthanna and the imams and Jeddah), will be opened at a time in the presence of a number of senior officials and representatives of sponsors and support in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Media Network, the Association of private banks and the Secretariat of Baghdad and a selection of private banks that funded this project by more than 8 Billions of Iraqi dinars through a special fund for the initiative was created in the Central Bank of Iraq, which contributed 27 private banks and one government bank ».

The conference will be held at 8:00 pm at the Al-Mahatta Entrepreneurship Center near the intersection of Oqba Ben Nafie. It will include a number of speeches and artistic performances. The event will be attended by a group of civil society figures from intellectuals, artists, media professionals and activists as well as representatives of private banks. Musical and film and honor the elite of the best workers who contributed to the completion of this project, civilizational and aesthetic great.

The initiative, headed by musician Naseer Shamma, achieved a new formula for action and cooperation by emphasizing the role of the private sector under the auspices of the Association of Private Banks headed by Wadih al-Hanalal in carrying out this vital project and in advanced capacities in form and content in accordance with its social responsibility.

All stages of selection, design and implementation were carried out in accordance with the standard document adopted by the World Bank, and on the basis of which the executing companies were selected. The first axis (21 square) was started on 10/12/2017. These squares are new and include the development of these squares in order to complete the aesthetic vision For each of these squares. The statement pointed out that «will be completed and the opening of the second and final phase of the development of squares in conjunction with the celebration of World Peace Day on the twenty-first of September 2018».

The Iraqi Media Network is one of the most prominent supporters and participants in the initiative, as it has broadcast dozens of television reports, radio and written since the start of the initiative and until now.

Obeidi: Abadi is our only candidate for prime minister and my chances of taking over the presidency of parliament more than others

10:19 – 14/08/2018

Baghdad, Mawazine News

The former defense minister, a senior leader in the alliance victory that return to quotas means the return of the assassins and counterfeiters, stressing that his chances to take over the presidency of parliament exceeds others.

Al-Obeidi said in a television interview to Al-Sharqiya News channel that the coalition of victory is still the egg al-Quban in the political equation and that four political forces will join later to the coalition of victory

Obeidi, which is still the memory of the parliament to resume the interrogation of firearms and where he stood and expose mafia corruption In corrupt deals went to the courts before the forces turned on his dismissal, but returned to be the most prominent winners of the elections in Iraq with the highest votes for one candidate after Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, where he got more than 80 thousand votes confirmed that his chances to take the post of speaker of the next parliament more than For others because it is based on popular support.

He said he would not put himself in office amidst political and partisan conflicts because there is no good in a position that comes through unfair competition.

He also stressed that the alliance of victory does not participate in a quota government, saying that the return to quotas and approach means return to the fugitives and forgers.

“Abadi’s visit to Iran was not part of his agenda,” he said.

On the chances of Abadi prime minister stressed that the alliance victory is difficult today and that the chances of Abadi is great and that no Vito of the Kurds to nominate Mr. Abadi prime minister.

He explained that the candidate of the coalition of the only victory for the prime minister is Haider Abadi and anyone who speaks otherwise is the most important and

pointed out that four deputies from different currents will join the alliance victory, denying any rumors about the cracking of the coalition.

He called Abdi political blocs to a real pause in order to get rid of the quota system , which warned that refer to it means a return to failure and corruption


A source in the Commission reveals the number of appeals filed with the results of counting and sorting


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A source in the Electoral Commission, the number of appeals filed by political entities in the results of the counting and hand counting of the results of the parliamentary elections held on 12 May last.
The source told the agency {Euphrates News} that “the total number of appeals for the three days amounted to 240 appeals only and was prepared answer and will be sent Wednesday to the judicial electoral body.” 
The Board of Commissioners has closed the receipt of appeals and complaints concerning the elections by the end of the official working day of the Tuesday

US Secretary of State Barzani telephone and discuss a number of files


US Secretary of State Barzani telephone and discuss a number of files
 17 minutes ago

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, according to the announcement by the provincial government in an official statement on Tuesday.

The statement said the two sides discussed the latest developments and victories of the Iraqi army forces, the Peshmerga against the militants in the region, and the steps to form a new cab of the Iraqi government.

In another aspect of the contact, Barzani and Pompio discussed the demands of Iraqi citizens in the recent demonstrations, and stressed the parties in this regard to implement those demands.


Auditors find ‘no misstatments’ for KRG oil exports, sales for Q1 2018



By Rudaw 4 hours ago

Auditors find 'no misstatments' for KRG oil exports, sales for Q1 2018
An employee works at an energy facility in the Kurdistan Region. File photo: Rudaw


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — After reviewing the Kurdistan Regional Government’s oil production, exportation, consumption, and revenue for the first three months of 2018, Deloitte auditors found no problems from January-March of 2018.


The international accounting firm released a report on the KRG’s oil exports, consumption and sales on Sunday.


“Oil export and consumption – We did not identify any misstatements in the 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018 oil export and consumption data,” it stated.


Deloite was also appointed to review the KRG’s oil activities for 2014-2017 by the KRG’s Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs


Its findings for 2017 were similar to the recent 2018 report.


“Oil sales – We did not identify any misstatements in the 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018 oil sales data and the net amount received in the period by the KRG,” added the most recent statement.


KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani have vowed for the government to be more transparent. About 98 percent of the revenue in the Kurdistan Region came from the oil sector before the loss of Kirkuk in October 2017.


The report shows the KRG netted $648.6 million in revenue oils for the first quarter of 2018. The average price for the more than 28 million barrels of oil was about $54.82. The gross value of crude and condensate sold was more than $1.6 trillion; however KRG payments to oil producers, buyers, other charges and movements in buyer account balances reduced the total figure.


The Kurdistan Region will hold a parliamentary election on September 30.


Corruption, oil revenues, jobs, and government transparency were major hurdles for the previous parliament, which has served during the ISIS conflict, an influx of 1.8 million IDPs and Syrian refugees, budget share differences with Baghdad, and a drop in global oil prices.

Deloitte’s report in full

Government of Kurdistan brings good news to employees

Twilight News

22 minutes ago

“Twilight News / Kurdish press sources revealed, on Tuesday, the arrival of funds from Baghdad to the Kurdistan Region, announcing the distribution of salaries of all employees before the Eid al-Adha.

According to the information transmitted by the Kurdish media, the monthly amount sent by Baghdad has arrived in the region, and this month is 317 billion dinars, and is scheduled to distribute salaries of all employees who did not receive salaries in May.

With the distribution of May salaries to employees, pensioners’ salaries will also be distributed, she said.

The Kurdistan Regional Government relies on the distribution of salaries to its employees, the two main sources, the first of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the other is what the Iraqi government sends money.

It is noteworthy that the region needs 650 billion dinars to distribute the salaries of all its employees, as declared by the Government of Kurdistan.


Abadi returns to Baghdad after concluding visit to Ankara

Editorial Date: 2018/8/14 21:11

Baghdad: Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi returned to the capital Baghdad after concluding his visit to the Turkish capital Ankara on Tuesday.

Abadi arrived at the head of a government delegation to Ankara today, during which he met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the two sides held the expanded meeting of the delegations of Iraq and Turkey under their chairmanship.

At a press conference after the meeting, Abadi and Erdogan stressed the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and Turkey and the need to strengthen security cooperation in the fight against terrorism and armed organizations such as the PKK.

“We stand by Turkey in the Lira case, and we support it in all the measures it will take,” Abadi said.

For his part, Erdogan pledged to secure Iraq’s full water quota and seek to open a new border crossing between the two countries

Baghdad sends the salaries of the province for distribution before Eid


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A source in the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the arrival of a batch of funds from the federal government.
The source said in a press statement that “the salaries of all employees, including retired civilian and military will be spent before Eid al-Adha.” 
He pointed out that “the money arrived from Baghdad, but has not yet been set the date of receipt of each ministry for salaries of its employees, stressing that in all cases, the salaries of all employees will be spent before the Eid.”