Qubad Talabani: The economic crisis in Kurdistan will be resolved soon

Iraq News Now

Sulaymaniyah / Al-Ghad Press:

Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government Qubad Talabani, on Sunday, that the economic crisis in the Kurdistan region will be resolved soon, indicating that the government has taken effective steps to address those problems.

Talabani said in a speech during the opening of the University of Qaiwan in Sulaymaniyah, and attended by “Al-Ghad Press”, “The problems that have been plagued by the Kurdistan region during the past years are now on the way to a solution,” pointing out that “the financial and economic crisis suffered by the provincial government Because of the fall in oil prices and the war on the dysterious and the problems with Baghdad has negatively affected the Kurdistan, especially on the sectors of investment and services. ”

He added that “the government has taken serious and effective steps in addressing these problems and it is on the right path,” noting that “the citizens of Kurdistan will soon hear that improvement.”


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