Asron reveals the latest developments alliances and the formation of the “largest bloc”

Twilight News

one hour ago

The leader of the Alliance and the Communist Party Secretary Raed Fahmi, said Saturday, that the near ratification of the Federal Court on the election results will push the winning blocs to accelerate the “resolve their positions.”

Fahmy told Ashqaf News: “The constitutional timing will take effect, leading the winning blocs to intensify their contacts and meetings on the formation of the largest bloc, but until now there have been no solid alliances that establish the largest bloc.”

Fahmy said that “the position of the alliance is going clear, as it identified the 40 points contained in the statement of Muqtada al-Sadr, and there are points are not negotiable because it determines the nature and identity of the government program.”

He said that “there is agreement with the stream of wisdom and with the national and participants with the victory, while the opening to the existence of the participants between perceptions and visions are very close to them and others,” noting that “deliberations will accelerate in the coming days to resolve positions on alliances,” as the need to abandon the approach And the adoption of balanced relations with the countries of the world and neighboring countries based on mutual respect for sovereignty and the national interests of each country. ”


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