Chairman of the Board of Commissioners: manual counting and sorting showed the safety of electronic devices used by the Commission

Iraq News Now

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Maan al-Hitawi, said Friday that the process of manual counting and sorting showed the safety of the electronic equipment used by the Commission, and thanked all the workers who worked to make the electoral process a success.

“We congratulate the great Iraqi people and all the political blocs and the winning candidates,” al-Hitawi said in a statement. “He thanked the” Council of Magistrates, who have made repeated efforts in setting the procedures for counting and counting, and bearing the burden of responsibility on the Shoulders and bear the hardships of travel and all kinds of pressure to show the right. ”

He added, “We also thank the Supreme Judicial Council and the judicial body concerned with the handling of complaints and electoral appeals for exerting effort and time to review all complaints and electoral appeals, as the judiciary is the safety valve and safe haven for all.”

“We wish all the candidates who took part in the parliamentary elections and were not lucky enough to win the favor and pay in subsequent sessions, according to the principle of active political participation and the peaceful transfer of power through the ballot boxes, to build a united, democratic and unified Iraq that rewards its children with good, And equal opportunity for all. ”

He added: “I thank all the employees of the Electoral Commission for elections from general managers and staff in the National Office and provincial offices and registration centers, whether they are installed or contracts,” building that “this great achievement and the percentage of matching between electronic counting and counting between counting and manual sorting after Three months of counting and manual sorting, which showed the integrity of the procedures and electronic devices used by the Independent Electoral Commission for elections in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on 12/5/2018 and the great efforts in dedication to work and diligence and loyalty to the institution and professions High levels of work, and assume responsibilities both in terms of location and location. ”

“I would like to thank the UN team, the IFS, the international organizations, the Supreme Security Committee for the elections, the security services of all its formations, all agents of political entities, civil society organizations and all partners of the electoral process and the media,” he said.

The Electoral Commission, announced on Thursday the winners of the results of counting and manual sorting of all provinces.,15700021,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhg9m1GMGuQ8iPSz8goPNG01EmbGhg

Urgent {Euphrates News} publishes the results of counting and sorting for all provinces

Date of release: 2018/8/10 1:00

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Our agency publishes the results of the counting and sorting of the winning political blocs in all Iraqi provinces in the parliamentary elections that took place on 12 May last.

The results are as follows:

Karbala results: 3-seat coalition alliance 3-seat alliance and two-seat coalition and one national wisdom stream

Erbil results: Kurdistan Democratic Party 8 seats and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan two seats and mobility of the new generation two seats and the Alliance for Democracy one seat and the movement of change Kurdistan one seat

Results of Basra: conquest 6 seats and all 5 seats and victory 5 seats and coalition rule of law 4 seats and wisdom two seats

results of Muthanna: two seats and the opening two seats and one seat for each of the wisdom and victory and the law

of Kirkuk results: National Union 6 seats and the Arab alliance 3 seats and the Turkmen front 3 seats

Dhi Qar results: 6 seats and the opening 5 seats and the law 3 seats and the victory 3 seats and the wisdom two seats

Diyala results: the opening 3 seats Alliance decision 3 seats National 3 seats pass two seats victory seat Wisdom seat of the Patriotic Kurdistan seat

Sulaymaniyah results: 8 seats, 4 seats change, new generation seats, Jemaah Islamiyah seat, democratic seat, coalition democracy seat, Islamic seat.

Najaf results: 4 seats, 3 seats, 3 seats, Al-Hikma, 1 seat, and one seat.

Anbar results: Anbar, our identity, 6 seats, national seats, 3 seats, two seats, two seats, two seats, and two seats,

Diwaniyah results: 3 seats, 3 seats.

Results of Babylon: Conquest 4 seats and the rest of 4 seats and victory 3 seats and wisdom 3 seats and the law seats and competencies one seat

results Salah Eddin: the castle of the masses 3 seats and seats for each of the conquest and patriotism and victory and decision and one seat to Salahuddin Our identity

Wassit results: 3 seats and seats for each of the thousand The victory and victory and wisdom and one seat for each of the law and competencies and elephants

Results of Maysan: Passing 5 seats and opening two seats and one seat for each of victory and wisdom and law and the

Board of Commissioners announced the victory of Adel Mahlawi instead of Mohammed Karbouli and Shaalan instead of Al-Sagri and the victory of Mohammed Darraji for conquest, One candidate in the list of one result of the challenge in Dhi Qar and another within the list of one result of the challenge in Nineveh, while Yahya al-Ithawi took place in place of Hassan Shawaird in the national in Baghdad, as happened in the provinces of Dhi Qar and Nineveh was replaced by another candidate within the list as a result of the appeal.

The Board of Commissioners confirmed the results of counting and manual counting in 13 governorates by 100%.

The Council said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “under the difficult circumstances experienced by our dear country and after the Iraqi Council voted on the Third Amendment Law of the Elections Law No. 45 of 2013, which came into force on 6/6/2018 form Supreme Judicial Council Committee moved to the Electoral Commission for elections to conduct a preliminary preview of the work of the Commission.

He added that “after the objection to the amendment of the amendment and the submission of cases to the Federal Supreme Court was careful to initiate the practical procedures for the implementation of the process of sorting and counting manual was during this period a meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council for the assignment of judges members of the Board of Commissioners to manage the Electoral Commission for elections and the nomination of judges directors of electoral offices To the governorates and to study options for manual counting and counting. ”

The statement of the Council that “after the issuance of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court containing a response to the opposition to the law of amendment of the elections met the Board of Commissioners and decided to implement the decision of the Federal Supreme Court and that the manual counting and counting for the stations for which complaints were submitted and that the process is under the supervision of the observers of the United Nations The United States and political entities and the media. ”

The statement pointed out that “the Board of Commissioners delegated began the practical procedures for the process of sorting and counting manual and the distribution of tasks among the members of the Board of Commissioners and a section of them moved to the provinces, which found it best to conduct the process of counting and sorting in the field while the stations were brought in respect of complaints from other provinces to Baghdad “Adding that” has been the process of counting and counting manually with the participation of a large number of staff of the Commission and staff of the Supreme Judicial Council and in the presence of international observers, led by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Kubic and his assistant Alice Wolbol and a number of ambassadors and The two diplomatic corps in Iraq and observers of political entities. ”

The statement added that “regarding the elections abroad, the official reports received from the committee formed by the Council of Ministers and was transferred to three countries, Jordan, Iran and Turkey for the process of counting and counting manual for the stations submitted complaints,” stressing that “all of the above appeared the result of restoration Counting and counting the results of the electoral centers and stations in all governorates of Iraq ”

Urgent policy .. Twilight News publishes the results of manual counting for all of Iraq and the occurrence of five changes

Twilight News

one hour ago

Shafaq News / The results of the manual counting and counting of the legislative elections in Iraq, almost identical percentages.

The results saw changes in the five winning candidates.

According to the declared results of the elections, the alliance, “Saron”, supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, ranked first with 54 seats out of 329 ..

Followed by the alliance, “Al-Fath”, composed of political arms of the factions, “popular mobilization,” led by Hadi al-Ameri, Seats ..

After them, the coalition of “victory”, led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, with 42 seats, while the coalition of “State of Law”, led by Nuri al-Maliki 26 seats.

And wait for the political blocs to ratify the results and then heal the new parliament in preparation for the formation of the next government.

Urgent {Euphrates News} reveal the failure to win 3 candidates and the rise of a candidate in the counting and sorting

Date of release: 2018/8/9 21:25

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A source in the Electoral Commission, not to win three candidates after the end of the process of manual counting and sorting of the partial results of the ballot boxes contested.

The source told the agency {Euphrates News} that “the leader of the National Coalition Speaker of the former parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, the leader of the Iraqi decision coalition Salman Jumaili, and the head of the list of solution Mohammed Karbouli, and the candidate Ali Alsjeri did not win the results of the parliamentary elections after the counting process.

He added that “Al-Fath Alliance won a new seat after the counting and the winning candidate Mohammed Al-Daraji.”

He pointed out that “is scheduled to issue a statement on Thursday evening on the Electoral Commission administered by the Council of Judges assigned with the results of counting and sorting and will be posted on the website of the Commission.”

“The results will be received from Friday,” he said

The Central Bank is finalizing a document related to auditing and IT governance at banks



Economy News _ Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) governor Ali Al-Aalak said the Central Bank is about to issue a detailed document on auditing and IT governance at banks.
“The document is currently in the final review stage and is being discussed with banks and will be binding on the relevant parties,” Al-Aalak said at the inaugural ceremony of the ISACA branch for auditing and monitoring information systems in Iraq.
He added that “the work of the ISACA is very important and we will interact with him and support him with all that is needed, because we recognize the importance of work in this aspect and the seriousness of the delay in its application.” He pointed out that the financial institutions have opened in their financial transactions remarkably, “Until recently, On the service of those inside the institution, but today many of these systems are open to the outside world, “stressing the need to meet this development with the development of risk management resulting from these systems.
Al-Alaq stressed that “the Central Bank, as a result of its supervision and control, has evolved from the traditional control to the control that takes advantage of and employs modern technology in its operations,” pointing out that there is a shift in the central bank towards electronic auditing.
The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, said in his speech on his behalf, the economic adviser, Samir Nusairi, that “Iraq is making great strides in the way of development and openness to the outside world in all fields, to take the historical and global prestige and knowledge it deserves, This world-class institution, which is present in more than 200 countries around the world, is only a vivid example of the openness of the world to Iraq and the openness of Iraq to the world. ”
He pointed out that “the importance of the existence of such an international institution in Iraq, being one of the major references in the world in the establishment of the foundations of auditing on information systems and security and preservation,” noting that “the world has become a small village, thanks to the tremendous development in the field of information systems, data processing and circulation, And the development of countries is measured by the development of electronic and information systems. ”
He stressed that the role of the Iraqi Central Bank in the development of the banking sector in Iraq is a leading situation in Iraq as a whole, as the Iraqi Central Bank is actively pursuing the development and modernization of this sector, “pointing out that” the development of electronic technologies and information systems in banks is The best way to upgrade Iraqi banks to global. ”
He stressed that “the Association of Iraqi private banks is following closely and as a strategic partner of the Central Bank of Iraq and work to improve the banking sector in all fields, so this event came in cooperation with the Association of Banks to the importance of the role played in this vital area.”

Governor of the Central Bank of «Economy News»: Iraq implemented all the recommendations of the International Labor Organization


Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq

Economy News Baghdad:

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alak, that Iraq has implemented all the recommendations of the International Financial Action Organization “FATF” of 44 recommendations, which moved from the follow-up area to the regular follow-up area, which is subject to other countries every two years, noting that Iraq ranks fourth Arab as the best Foreign currency reserve.

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak was named the best central bank governor in the Arab world for 2018 by the Union of Arab Banks at the Arab Banking Summit held in Paris at the end of June. This was the result of his policies which contributed to saving monetary policy and fighting money laundering and terrorism. And inflation.

Al-Aalak said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the recent decision of the International Financial Action Organization to leave Iraq from the follow-up area to the regular follow-up area, which is subject to other countries every two years, has great domestic and international repercussions because it contributes to bridging the relationship between the banking sector And the International Financial Corporation, “noting that” the biggest risk to the banking and financial sector is the subject of money laundering and financing of terrorism and if we do not take international action, this makes global financial institutions cautious and reluctant or reluctant to deal with Iraq, which leads to significant risks to the work of the banking sector

He added that “Iraq today completed all the recommendations of the International Labor Organization, which are 44 recommendations and we were able to face all the challenges in the implementation of these recommendations,” noting that “Iraq is currently in the stage of follow-up or international scrutiny of the work of the Central Bank and banks and government institutions to identify the strengths and weaknesses in Our work “.

Al-Aalak said that he was “briefed on the World Bank’s 2012 report commissioned by the Financial Action Organization and contained 700 points indicating the existence of a flaw in all joints related to the subject of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.” Terrorism and was able to move Iraq from the stage of danger to the stage of safety and exit from the black list and save the banking sector from the interruption of the outside world in financial transactions.

He pointed out that “the most important step we have taken is to legislate the AML / CFT law in a new format that takes into account all the developments in the money laundering and terrorist financing file, in accordance with international standards, which gave force to all Iraqi parties to abide by these rules, and does not oppose the laws legislated earlier “” Under the AML / CFT Act, the National Council for Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism is a committee to freeze the assets of terrorist funds. “

He pointed out that “the Central Bank has formed several sections in banks, including compliance and risk management, which gives strength to the work of Iraqi banks in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism,” explaining that “the main success indicator of our work is the diagnosis of cases of money laundering goes directly to the judiciary, The work of the system in general . “

“For the first time in the history of Iraq, there are dozens of cases referred to the judiciary on suspicion of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and there are several decisions issued freezing funds of terrorists and there are some issues for the first time to be included in the United Nations. Last year we had a meeting in the Security Council is the first Of its kind to put Iraq’s strategy in the fight against money laundering. “

He pointed out that “the law of the Central Bank does not allow investment reserves existing at the Central Bank only in specific areas, because it stems from the philosophy of not exposing the reserves to any kind of risk on the one hand, on the other hand, the reserve must be always available such as current accounts .

He stressed that “Iraq’s reserves are fully insured in accordance with the standards of the International Monetary Fund, and occupies Iraq ranked fourth in the Arab reserves of foreign currency,” adding that “Iraq’s foreign currency reserves growing day after day.”

He pointed out that “there is no discrimination in Iraq between the reserves of the government and the Central Bank, as the government reserves differ from the reserves of the Central Bank, and the lack of distinction caused confusion in the citizen and the official, which reflected negatively on the financial policies,” noting that “the biggest challenge facing Iraq is stability And his absence greatly affects investors and sustaining the economy, “he said.” When stability is achieved, it will lead to the recovery of the banking sector and the central bank, and will also inspire investors to invest in the country. “

UN launches Mosul reconstruction plan

Cooperation between UNESCO and the …

UN launches Mosul reconstruction plan

The United Nations Human Settlements Program (Habitat) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hosted the first workshop to develop the initial planning framework for the reconstruction of Mosul at the University of Mosul with leaders and experts from the Government of Iraq, the academic community, international organizations, the private sector and civil society.

Since the liberation of Mosul, reconstruction and reconstruction has begun throughout the city, including cultural heritage buildings and public places, particularly in the Old City, but the requirements for removing large quantities of debris from explosive contaminants have significantly slowed the pace of reconstruction work.

The basic design of the conductor has remained unaltered since 1974. The UN-HABITAT study shows that the lack of an updated master plan has led to the growth of informal settlements without adequate infrastructure or social services, and the lack of access to land and housing has created grievances among the city’s population, Contributing to the increase of violent extremism.

“Re-establishing Mosul to its status is not feasible enough – now we have a unique opportunity to rebuild better and develop an urban vision,” said a statement by the UN Assistance Program for Iraq (UNAMI) Thursday, Arleselt, a copy of Basnews. “It’s about people in the future.”

Adding that “the initial planning framework for Mosul reconstruction is a comprehensive participatory vision and strategy supported by data that will facilitate the city’s transition from emergency response and stabilization to reconstruction by providing agreed guidelines for reconstruction activities.”

The workshop was opened by Nofal Hammadi Sultan, governor of Nineveh, stressing the need for coordination between the various actors working in the reconstruction of Mosul.

Marta Ruids, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, urged everyone to rebuild Mosul to work together for a common vision and a coordinated approach that should be guided by the initial planning framework for the reconstruction of Mosul.

The workshop will be followed by field studies and information analysis by the Habitat Expert Group, UNESCO and government partners. The results and proposed practical approach to reconstruction will be presented and validated at a second workshop in November 2018.

documents .. Sadr looms to form a government and resort to the opposition if not implemented conditions

Twilight News

50 minutes ago

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday to boycott the formation of the next government, and resort to the opposition in the event that the conditions that have been put forward in advance.

Sadr had previously put forty conditions for the formation of the next government.

Sadr gave the blocs and political parties in his statement issued today, 15 days maximum after the announcement of the final results of the legislative elections that took place recently.

See the statement below: