Commission: the completion of manual counting and counting of all centers and stations

07/8/2018 12:00 am

After the cancellation of the procedure at the Office of Rusafa

Baghdad / Sabah / Shaima Rashid

The Electoral Commission has canceled the manual counting and counting of the Baghdad / Rusafa elections office, announcing the completion of the counting and sorting of all the funds and stations for which complaints and appeals have been received, while the preliminary results, according to press weights, indicate a 99% match from the previous results announced by the Commission.

Council of Commissioners

The official spokesman of the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, on Monday: The Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned to the end of the counting and manual counting of all polling stations and stations, which received complaints and appeals in all governorates of Iraq

and elections abroad.

“The Board of Commissioners decided to cancel the counting and manual counting of the Office of the elections in Baghdad / Rusafa,” adding Hamza, “indicating the reasons called for by looking at the minutes of disclosure prepared by the judge managing director of the UNHCR office in Baghdad (Al-Rusafa), which was carried out after the fire that was exposed to the warehouses of the Office of Rusafa, which included the record mentioned that the site of the accident is a warehouse belonging to the Ministry of Commerce and a tenant by the Commission and the store that was burned includes a number of updating the biometric registration number (1050) As well as several biometric verification and number (8124), Picos (7533), (1128) speed boosters (1128), RTC (1140), and 882 ballot boxes.

Hamza added that “all the above mentioned organs and ballot boxes were completely damaged by the incident, which can not be conducted by the process of re-counting and manual sorting in accordance with the provisions of the Third Amendment to the Law of elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 amended in the second paragraph which required the conformity of barcodes with ballot papers And the decision of the Federal Court No. 99/104/102 / Federal / Media on 21/6/2018, and therefore was issued a decision not to conduct manual counting and counting of centers and stations

Baghdad / Rusafa. No change in the results In this regard, the former member of the House of Representatives, Farid Brahimi, that the results of counting and manual sorting will not change the results.   Brahimi said, “Sabah”: In light of the media leaks traded, the results corresponded to 99 percent of its predecessor, so there will be a clear change or apparent or an influential change in the political scene by the survival of the same blocks announced in the previous results, Any effect in the case of the rise of one or two and that the areas where the forgery was apologized for counting and sorting on the pretext of the absence of Ramat in these areas. In turn, reported a member of the former parliament, the high Nassif, that the next two days will witness the announcement of the results of counting and manual sorting that took place to some of the ballot boxes questionable after the completion of those operations to the ballot boxes, indicating that this came according to the judges transferred.  Nassif said in a press statement: The judges assigned to the Electoral Commission will open the appeals section for 3 days beginning after the announcement of the results, pointing out that the judges will report the safety and transparency of the results showed by the electronic devices after matching the results in most of the provinces except Anbar, In 4 seats, the carcock changed  only two seats. Warning of chaos while warned the head of the Turkmen Front, Arshad Salhi, the Electoral Commission that it “will take responsibility for the chaos in the province of Kirkuk in the absence of a radical change in the results of the parliamentary elections after the counting and sorting by hand.” “If there is no real change in results, we will be unable to control the street,” Salhi said, stressing “the need to act wisely with Kirkuk and to conduct a comprehensive manual counting and counting.” On the other hand, the political analyst, Haidar al-Musawi, pointed out that most of the weights indicate the matching of the results in most of the governorates, although we can see a change of seat in a block or another, pointing out that the assignment of the judiciary to conduct the counting and sorting abort any objection to the results As there is no higher authority than the judiciary. Al-Moussawi said in an interview for Al-Sabah that there would be no objection to the results because of the simple reason that the Iraqi street today is different than it was previously. Be deficient and need a legislative council of any parliament, “indicating that it is possible to make a simple media uproar by the leaders of the losers, who lost their fans in the management of some positions. Al-Moussawi called for an apology to the Commission if the results were met and the opposition political figures should take the initiative, pointing out that the elections are the highlight despite the media hype that accompanied them. He continued: The concern of the Iraqis of the election results is not a media fuss, stressing that the results will confirm that the electoral process did not receive any major fraud.


One thought on “Commission: the completion of manual counting and counting of all centers and stations

  1. This election recount was a total waste of time and a way for a delay. Give up corrupted fools. Can’t wait until you all get bankrupt.


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