Iraq signs agreement on military and security cooperation with Jordan

Date of release: 2018/8/5 18:47


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the signing of an agreement for military and security cooperation between Iraq and Jordan.

“Today, Iraq signed an agreement on military and security cooperation with the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This agreement aims at enhancing cooperation between the two countries on the security and military levels through exchanging information and expertise in the field of border protection,” the ministry said in a statement. To develop intelligence and training capabilities to combat terrorism. ”

“The agreement was signed on the Iraqi side by Defense Minister Irfan Al-Hayali and the Jordanian side by Major General Mahmoud Freihat, chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

“The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Jordan Safia Al-Suhail, in addition to a number of representatives of the security and military institutions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and attended a number of senior officers and officials in the Jordanian Staff.”

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