The reference letter instructs the winning blocs to form the next government


05/8/2018 12:00 am 

Academics: The historic statement was a message to politicians about state building  

Baghdad / Sabah / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
The leaders of the “pre-recent” reference speech sent a message to all the political blocs in order to accelerate the formation of a strong government capable of overcoming the crises through the selection of professional ministers, pointing out that the authority has drawn up a clear and important road map to determine the form of the next government, This comes at a time announced political blocs their position of the historic speech that they have served as a beacon to light the path of political blocs in their quest to form the next government.

Academic opinions 
Jawad al-Aqabi said: “The speech of the reference is a real way to form a new government, which must be characterized by important specifications, including professional and have principles and priorities, including the elimination of corruption and the recovery of the Iraqi economy and the elimination of unemployment. 
The punishment for the “morning”, that “sermon of the authoritative reference” penultimate “has identified important points in the formation of the new government of the Iraqis, in addition to it was a separation and objective in drawing the form of the next government, so the political blocs to consider this speech the cornerstone of the formation the government”. 
“The reference has played an important role in determining the main points of forming the government. Therefore, the approach of reference is the best solution to consolidate the principles of a strong state capable of protecting and caring for its citizens and ensuring their important social needs.”
For his part, the academic Abdul Amir al-Faisal, that “the speech of reference was an ideal solution and represent a new road map to shape the new government,” noting that “the reference has set important priorities to form a government, including integrity and professionalism and demand the implementation of rights and promises to the Iraqi people.”  
Al-Faisal added that “the support of the reference to the demands of the demonstrators came through the vision of the requirements that citizens need, so the reference to the outline of the government’s choice and set the time limits that must be committed by the government in the event of its formation according to the vision of the wise reference,” pointing out that “The reference set the form of the new government, which must be transitory to sectarianism and able to resolve the crises faced by the country, in addition to the establishment of mechanisms and conditions for the selection of prime minister, so the speech of the reference is an important incentive to accelerate the formation of the government.
Al-Faisal pointed out that “the reference has laid a clear basis for the new government, which is called upon by the people and is supposed to be able to overcome all obstacles and crises and communicate with the Iraqi people by meeting their real demands and providing all the services that citizens must enjoy.” 
Academy Safra Naji, stressed that “the sermon of the reference is an important catalyst to accelerate the formation of the government ministers competent and professionals in order to succeed the work of the next government and to meet the demands of the masses demonstrating against the lack of services.”
She added in a statement to “morning” that “reference directives are binding on politicians in the formation of the new government, which is hoped to be strong and able to resolve all the crises or approach to solve them significantly,” and stressed that “the reference sent a large letter to politicians to build the state that (They have to re-calculate their interests in favor of building a state based on integrity, eliminating corruption and selecting competent ministers and professionals to build the state of institutions) that were and still are the ambition of all Iraqis. ” The opening program and issued several blocks winner in the elections statements to clarify its position on the reference letter on the formation of the next government, where the Fatah Alliance led by the head of the Badr Organization Hadi Amiri, an initiative to form the next government.

Al-Fath said in a statement received by al-Sabah: “From the penultimate sermon of the religious authority on the events of our beloved country, the obvious lack of services, the high unemployment rates and the great imbalance in legislation affecting the interests and lives of citizens. In order to form a government, we in the Fatah Alliance not only support statements of religious reference to get out of the crisis, but we are declaring our initiative in the Alliance of conquest.
The statement of the coalition, some basic materials in the government program, the legislative level calling for the amendment of the election laws and the Commission and the abolition of the privileges of the three presidencies, ministers and deputies and special grades, in addition to the legislation of the Social Security Law in accordance with Article (30) of the Constitution, The executive program included the formation of a government as determined by the religious authority and the formation of a council for the reconstruction of infrastructure and strategic projects and provision of services and the formation of a federal service council to ensure the distribution of grades to all citizens, The program calls for the opening of all files of integrity since 2003, and concluded the statement of conquest by inviting all political forces “to meet to discuss the formation of the government under the roof of the foundations and principles mentioned by the honorable reference.” Victory position

The victory coalition led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi also issued a statement explaining his official position on the speech of the supreme religious authority. 
A statement of the coalition received “morning,” that “the coalition of victory held its fifth periodic meeting chaired by the President of the coalition Haider Abadi, where it was stressed adherence to the national option and reform of the political process in accordance with the demands of the supreme religious authority and the people and the necessities of reform and openness to all political components to achieve the goals of construction and reform Of the state and its keenness to foster dialogue with the political components, based on the electoral programs in question. ” 
The coalition also affirmed its support for the citizens’ demands to improve services and seek to secure them and support government measures to fight corruption and support the achievements of the government to serve the state and its citizens.
He called the coalition victory, “the Independent High Electoral Commission to accelerate the completion of counting and manual sorting and the announcement of the final results, a prelude to move forward constitutional benefits,” and stressed the unity of the coalition and the cohesion of its internal line to achieve its national project.

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