Hakim’s current date for the first session of the new parliament

aljournal  August 4, 2018

Baghdad – Journal News

Stressed the block wisdom stream: “The holding of the first sessions of the House of Representatives will not take a long period of time.”

The head of the Habib terminal, said that “the current data goes to hold the first session of the legislative session of the new parliament will be within a month from now,” noting: “The Commission of Judges assigned to determine the ceiling of the end of counting and manual counting to take the results of the election constitutional context and legal The right of ratification of the Federal Court. ”

He added that “the new parliament will take upon itself to resolve the current problems, and most important to address the law of elections and the holding of local elections, and address the status of the Commission and the fate of the Board of Commissioners after the recent electoral process,” noting that “everyone is waiting for the announcement of the final results, and therefore the political blocs will proceed to accept the final results to avoid Constitutional vacuum “.

The Electoral Commission began early last month, the counting and manual counting of the stations on which the complaints and appeals.


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