Barzani: salaries will improve in the Kurdistan Region soon


Barzani: Salaries will improve in the Kurdistan Region soon
 13 minutes ago

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, said on Friday that his government is working to improve the reality of salaries for employees and workers in the region and to end the system of saving part of it completely.

“Your demands for better salaries are a natural right for you, and here I took the opportunity to thank all those who are paid by the government for their understanding,” Barzani said in a video posted on his Facebook page on social networking sites Facebook. Status of the Territory “.

“It is important that everyone knows that there is nothing that could have been done and the government of Kurdistan did not do to improve salaries,” he said, adding that “our priority is for employees, employees and retirees to receive their salaries every 30 days.”

Barzani said that “in the near future will not remain the current deductions in salaries and ends the issue of distribution tables and it is because of its nature.”

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