Al-Fadhli: The results of counting and counting match the claims of losers for fraud


Release date: 2018/8/3 20:54 • 4 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Political Bureau of the National Wisdom Current, Ihsan al-Fadhli, did not get a big change in the election results after the completion of the process of manual counting and partial sorting.
The Electoral Commission continues to run the Council of Judges manual counting and counting of the results of the stations in and out of Iraq contested. 
Al-Fadhli told «Euphrates News» that «according to what is nominated by observers of political entities and the United Nations and diversions indicate that the ratios of match gives a clear message that there is no change in the election results as the losers spoke unfortunately in the media and we will wait for the official announcement of the Electoral Commission mandated” . 
He stressed that “there is a high ceiling of blocs to nominate a new prime minister,” noting that “there is seriousness in dealing with the blocks with the call of the Supreme Reference to the prime minister,” noting that “and after the ratification of the election results will be the masses at stake in resolving the candidate for the post.”
“The nomination of a strong person to the prime minister is able to provide ambitious steps for the people and has a strong cabinet and an actor with all the capabilities and capabilities and to achieve this must be a national majority parliamentary support for the government.” 
He pointed out that “the demonstrations indicate that the situation reached a high point.”

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