The Trump envoy’s interference ignites a “Shia-Shiite” sedition and pressure to give Abadi a second term

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Intervention by US President George W. Bush’s envoy to the international coalition, Brett McGurk, in the formation of a new Iraqi government has sparked a Shiite-Shiite rift in Shi’ite political houses, a senior political source said on Thursday.

The sources said the “Al-Gharab Press”, “The Shiite political blocs disturbed by the interventions of McGork in the file to form a new government and impose visions on him and transformed his role from military security to a political,” indicating that “McGork transferred to the meeting of Iraqi political leaders, the desire of President Donald Trump to form An Iraqi government that includes all communities in Iraq. ”

“McGork is trying to create a Shiite Shiite sedition by informing the leaders of the political blocs that Washington’s only choice for prime minister for a second term is Haider al-Abadi,” adding that “McGork threatened the Iraqi political blocs to form a so-called national salvation government in Iraq headed by Abadi in case not renewed For a second term. ”

The sources said that “the Shiite political blocs say in their meetings in private chambers that the formation of a national salvation government is a coup by the rebels on the Constitution and the political process to eliminate the democratic experience,” asserting that “political figures brought the draft of the National Salvation Government to a number of embassies of foreign countries in Baghdad And this is what prompted the Shiite political blocs to meet (secretly) to prepare for what may happen in the coming days. ”

The sources said that informed political sources told “Al-Gharab Press” that Washington is moving to prevent the areas of overthrow Abadi from the second term and that McGurk met with Abbadi and assured him the support of the US administration in his renewal for a second term, and refused movements of the Shiite blocs, Sunni and Kurdish to replace Abadi and prevent the second mandate .

McGork has been on constant visits to Iraq since the start of the war in 2014 and until today, since his visits since the liberation of Mosul has been transformed from remnants of military to political.

It is noteworthy that MacGorek recently met with the President of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, and Vice President Osama Najafi, and the head of the Arab project Khamis Khanjar, and the Secretary-General of the Party of the solution Mohammed Karbouli, Massoud Barzani, and other political figures, and discussed with them the formation of the majority government National representative of all components of the Iraqi people.,15700021,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhgPTr5OLAX2PoMUtZRduL6Z6sX2mg

Raise the custody of the assets of Rafidain and Rasheed abroad, which exceeds the value of 11 million dollars


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Ministry of Justice announced on Thursday the issue of lifting the seizure of the assets of Rafidain and Rashid banks with foreign banks worth more than 11 million dollars.
The director of the legal department of the ministry, Raad Khalil, said in a statement received by “Economy News” a copy, that “the department of foreign lawsuits in the department succeeded in lifting the seizure of Iraqi funds belonging to Rafidain and Rashid banks in France (BNP Paribas and Natixis) Dutch for City Bank, “explaining that” the value of $ 11 million. ”
The Director General of the Department said that “the lawyer appointed by the Ministry to plead for the case received a decision from the French Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) to overturn the decision of the Court of Appeal issued on 4/2/2014, which requires that the bank Rafidain and Rashid pay money to Citi Bank ) And return the case to the Court of Appeal and authorize the Rafidain Bank and Rashid to file an appeal against the decision before the Supreme Court.
Khalil said that “a decision was issued to lift the seizure of funds in the (BNP Paribas), belonging to Rafidain and Rashid,” pointing to “the continuation of the Department to follow up with the lawyer and the parties concerned.”

Extension of UNAMI’s mandate and a senior UN official to visit Baghdad

Date of release: 2018/8/2 11:05

Baghdad welcomed the decision of the UN Security Council to extend the work of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) to May 2019.

A statement by the Foreign Minister’s Office received a copy of the agency, “Euphrates News,” a copy of it, “Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraqi Foreign Minister, Jan Kubic, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, and discussed the overall security developments, political developments in the Iraqi arena, and UN efforts in support of stability Iraq”.

Jaafari said, “Iraq welcomes the unanimous decision of the Security Council to extend the mandate of UNAMI until 31 May 2019. He also praised the positive role played by Jan Kubic in supporting Iraq, and the continued partnership with UNAMI contributes to achieving the goals that Identified for the mission by the Security Council. ”

He stressed “Iraq’s full support for the work of the International Investigation Mission in the field of documenting the crimes of gangs, calling the terrorist problem of the Security Council resolution.”

Jaafari stressed that “the need to take the approval of the Iraqi government in the event of any desire to adopt strategies, and new plans related to the mandate of UNAMI, and powers, or any programs, or plans may be outside the special mandate of UNAMI.”

“We hope to reiterate the commitment of the international community and the friendly countries that participated in the Kuwait International Conference to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq,” he said, .

For his part, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic expressed his happiness to renew the mandate of UNAMI, the importance of this in its work in the next phase, adding: “The mission sets priorities for its work with the current government.”