The introduction of a new Kurdish candidate for the presidency


The leader of the Alliance for Democracy and Justice Arslan Kassem, on Thursday, rejected a request by Kurdish parties to nominate Barham Saleh to the presidency, attributing its rejection to the fact that the post is “a matter of authority.”

Qassim said in a press statement that “Kurdish parties asked us to provide the head of the alliance Barham Saleh as a candidate for the presidency,” noting that “the coalition” rejected this request because there are conditions behind this request.

“Barham Saleh refuses to be in a position of authority and does not feed or starve,” Kassem said, adding that “the post should not be the preserve of the Kurds.”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Massoud Barzani denied on Thursday the candidacy of prominent Kurdish leader Barham Saleh for the presidency, stressing that the positions are granted to the most parliamentary seats.

The parliamentary elections were held on May 12, 2018 in Baghdad and the provinces amid tight security. The Electoral Commission announced hours later that the participation rate was 44% with the participation of more than 10 million out of the 24 million eligible to participate in the elections.

The results came out of the alliance of Sowron, supported by Muqtada al-Sadr first at the level of the provinces followed by the Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri, and then the victory coalition led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The political and media circles were preoccupied with monitoring the low turnout of polling stations in different Iraqi cities, where the participation rate reached 44% compared to the 2014 elections which reached 60%.

He explained the low participation rates with many problems in the voting procedures, and the failure of electronic auditing, in addition to the general frustration of the repetition of the traditional political forces themselves.

The days after the election witnessed a wide debate among the political circles that prompted the House of Representatives to hold a session and vote on the amendment of the election law, including the re-counting and manual counting of the results.

The Federal Supreme Court voted later to respond to the appeals filed on the Third Amendment Law of the House of Representatives Elections Law, while ruling that the cancellation of the elections abroad and the special vote were unconstitutional.

Before the House of Representatives fails to extend his term of office which ended on 30 June 2018 after he was unable to hold a full quorum.

Sadr’s spokesman: Maliki’s largest bloc has been fragmented .. And the rest and Fatah continue to “scramble”!

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, that the next government will be formed according to the controls set by Sadr, noting that the fortunes of the alliance are stronger than the conquest according to those controls.

“The next government will be formed according to the controls set by Sadr, which includes the submission of several names as candidates for the premiership, so that the largest bloc with the rest of the blocs to negotiate for its formation,” said Obeidi in a televised interview.

He added that “the 40 conditions set by al-Sadr is what will be adopted in the process of forming the next government,” pointing out that it “will adopt time limits.”

Al-Obeidi pointed out that “Sawsun and Fatah are scrambling for the formation of the next government,” noting that “one of them may win this right and are currently waiting to ratify the official results before the official announcement.”

He pointed out that “the Alliance of the rule of law led efforts to form the largest bloc with victory and conquest, and was concluded an agreement, but it quickly fragmented because of lack of confidence.”

And identified Sadr, Tuesday 31 July 2018, the terms of alliance with the political blocs, while placing 40 conditions for the choice of the next prime minister, most notably to be independent and outside the House of Representatives.

The following is the text of Sadr’s statement, which includes the conditions for choosing the next prime minister:

Today, we stand before difficult and critical political challenges that require everyone to stand with all seriousness and caution in order to get Iraq and its people out of their ordeal, especially after we have made important progress in the process of political and social reform that we have been adopting according to national and social regulations. Whatever the results.

And has begun to try some of them even gradually, in addition to activating the spirit of reform and protest at most of the Iraqi people, and the biggest evidence of this protest demonstrations, and therefore we have to preserve the And to move forward towards the achievement of the greater goal, and within the mental and national foundations and approval of the aspirations of the people and the reference is: the right of sectarianism and the shadow of the specter of political quotas, which did not bring to the homeland and the people of the scourge and wars and poverty and conflicts became the country In the ranks of late and poor countries.

Hence, we should continue with the general reform data, which we have never renounced, and we affirm that the resolution remains Iraqi, without interference from here and there. We should not go back to any kind of sectarian alliances and stay under the national framework. Of all partners to build the homeland, away from all kinds of partisan and marginalization and exclusion, without returning the old faces that brought to the homeland only woes and involvement in corruption.

Therefore, I will boycott any alliances or any government program unless it is within the framework of the national framework, but within the rules and constants that unite the parties under one tent, meeting blocs without these controls will not be useful at all.

Therefore, I am writing some of the constants that can be a charter for the alliance on the one hand, and conditions for the installation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on the other, to be followed by a government program that is committed to everyone to get Iraq out of these difficult tribulations.

And here I will mention those things, and offer them to everyone to see and benefit and know our opinion in detail, so that everyone is aware of them and to make them in the hands of my people Saber to be a judge and aware of the details.

The controls, I mean the controls of alliances, are as follows:

1- To be loyal to the parties and the joint blocs of Iraq exclusively.

2. Establishing the principle of separation between the three powers (judicial, legislative) and (executive) by enacting laws.

3 – do not involve the political blocs any of the old faces in any of the positions at all.

4 – The formation of a higher committee and under the supervision of the Iraqi justice system to hold accountable all those around them suspicions and corruption at home and abroad to prove their guilt or innocence under a known time frame.

5. Executive positions shall not be in accordance with sectarian, partisan or ethnic quotas, but in accordance with a strict system in which only the specialist or the technocrats (independent) shall take into account the social balance.

6 – The three presidencies should not be according to quotas, but according to the experience, the firmness and the courage called for by the supreme authority in Iraq, with a program (service, security and economic) even as a first stage, especially for the next prime minister.

7 – Reduce the privileges and salaries and activate the law from where you this.

8. Establish a clear and comprehensive program for any coalition that everyone should have committed to be realistic.

9 – To respect the opinion of the supreme authority in Najaf and its recommendations and not to violate them.

The foundations of the coalition within the national framework, as follows:

1- To affirm Iraq’s independence, sovereignty and unity.

2. Strengthening and building the state and government on the basis of organization.

3 – Stay away from sectarian, national and partisan matters.

4 – To provide the interests of the country to the interests of factional, partisan, sectarian, national and other.

5 – Writing an internal system of the alliance.

6 – emerges from the alliance of the three presidencies, in accordance with conditions placed by the consensus between the allied blocs.

7 – Emphasize the sovereignty of Iraq and not to make the decision from behind the border.

8 – Serving the people should be one of the priorities of this alliance and work to recognize all the benefits of the people under the dome of Parliament and stay away from conflicts.

9 – Failure to adopt political laws harmful to the other party, unless they are beyond the constants of the alliance.

10. Israel is Iraq’s greatest enemy.

11 – Account the corrupt and keep them away from the alliance, whatever their affiliation party, sectarian or national, but never.

12 – Non-interference in the work of the state, except with the majority and compatibility or imbalance of conditions.

13 – To strengthen the army, police and other security forces, and not to involve other parties at all outside the legal and governmental contexts.

14 – Reform of the joints of the state of financial and administrative corruption, sectarian and national, etc., through the activation of effective oversight committees and strict.

15. Appointments shall be in accordance with national and administrative rules and regulations through (Service Council).

16 – the use of experts and advisers to assess the work of ministries.

17. Emphasize the strengthening of the judiciary and its independence, as well as other independent bodies.

18. To work and to confirm the appointment of independent technocrat ministers acting in accordance with a specific program and headquarters.

19 – strive to end the external differences through dialogue to preserve the prestige of Iraq.

20 – Non-interference in the affairs of neighboring countries or others, as well as not allow their intervention to preserve Iraq’s prestige and integrity.

21. No party has the right to withdraw from the coalition unless it is based on logical arguments.

22- The coalition has the right, unanimously or consensus, to withdraw confidence from one of the three presidencies, ministers or heads of bodies, if it does not comply with the controls of the coalition.

23 – Dialogue among the members or blocs of the coalition is necessary, and away from any conflicts or disputes or statements detrimental to the alliance, and the interests of the coalition to partisan interests.

24 – Dialogue is the basis in dealing with the international community, but who took Iraq as an enemy.

25 – Do not deal with the blocks affiliated with the alliance to double with the coalition, and unify its internal decisions.

26. No party should have an armed wing.

27 – Punishing the abusers of the alliance from within a strict sanctions regime.

28. Respect the opposition blocs and work to coordinate with them.

29. Emphasize the rights and respect of religious, social and political minorities.

30. Emphasize the peaceful transfer of power.

31 – Members of the alliance must interact with the people in all its layers.

32 – to remove the elements of the Baath Party dissolved and personalities involved in terrorism and corruption from the coalition above, and not to make it a political charge of retaliation to target others.

The conditions for selecting the Prime Minister are as follows:

– To be independent.

2 – To be from outside the members of the House of Representatives.

3 – not be dual nationality.

4. To be accepted at the national level and recognized for national positions.

5 – to have full authority in his work and without the interventions of the parties and their economic bodies.

6 – There is nothing wrong with a consultant team of parties, provided that they have only advice.

7 – The parties that have the right to nominate five people from the independent technocrats of the ministry, and the prime minister to choose the best among them and has the right to reject them all.

8 – not to run for the upcoming elections, whatever the circumstances.

9 – Does not work according to sectarian systems or ethnic or national or partisan at all.

10 – If the position is reserved exclusively for the Shiites, it could be for the Arab or Turkmen or Philly or otherwise and other presidential positions.

11 – It is important to activate the peaceful transfer of power, in terms of not making it a party or a particular race or the like.

12 – To have a fatherly and administrative spirit, with the ability to make decisions and not hesitate.

13 – To be full health and ability and activity, to be able to carry out its tasks.

14 – not to give in to external pressures that affect the sovereignty of Iraq and its prestige and economy, and to have high national guidance.

15 – not to be chosen according to the jihadist history, the use of this address is rejected in such matters, but according to the basis of mental and administrative accepted.

16. Have a good reputation and high integrity.

17. His choice shall be in accordance with the orientations and aspirations of the people exclusively.

18- To be a speaker in more than one language.

19- To make it a system for selecting its ministers, according to administrative and scientific specialties, as well as special grades.

20 – To be fair and not to use excessive force with any party was only after the entry of all solutions and impossibility of dialogue.

21 – to do the oversight role regarding the Prime Minister and his deputies, and the degrees of special effective and real.

22 – It is necessary to be chosen from the votes of all the allied blocs not of one block.

23 – vows to maintain good relations and communicate with the Iraqi Council of Representatives and facilitate the oversight role of the Council on the government … and commit to a public meeting and other secret periodic with the legislative authority.

24 – not interfere with the work of ministries in a manner that harms the work and impede the decisions of service and strategy.

25. Have a clear and comprehensive government program for the ministries’ work, in accordance with the requirements of the people for his presidential term.

26 – To pledge not to cling to power and to give in to withdraw confidence from him, and not to use the Constitution for the continuation of his office, despite his mistake, which is unforgivable.

27 – to submit to the judiciary and non-interference in its work at all.

28. The principle of the independence of the Prime Minister shall not contravene any statement, act, statement or decision whatsoever.

29- Not to use power for personal purposes and not to use relatives or acquaintances, whoever they are, even if they are competent, and this includes ministers and special degrees as well.

30 – to deal with the presidencies in a positive way, enabling everyone to manage public affairs smoothly and without obstacles and cooperate with the Presidency of the Republic to submit draft laws.

31 – to submit his resignation only after finding an efficient alternative.

32. His powers shall be determined in accordance with the applicable procedures.

33. The name of the religion shall not be used for the purpose of harm or reprisal and abuse of others and the like.

34- To work hard to end the partisan interventions in the joints of the government and all state institutions.

35. Dealing firmly with security violations in general, in order to preserve the security and safety of the Iraqi citizen.

36 – Making the file of reconstruction of the affected and poor areas in northern and southern Iraq of its priorities, and the risk of internal and external interventions in this regard.

37. Not to make the Green Zone fortified by this ugly image, and not taken by the only headquarters by holding its meetings in the provinces periodically to stand accurately on the suffering of the provinces.

38. To preserve the blood of the martyrs and to guarantee the wounded and the poor their wealth by distributing the wealth fairly.

39. Not to consider himself above the law and out of account.

40. To submit an annual report on the situation at all and in particular the service and finance of the House of Representatives in a public meeting to make the people aware and fully informed.

This should be done after the demands of the legitimate demonstrators are met without any delay or deception immediately and without delay, it is the last chance … and no time limit.

A source familiar with the date of the announcement of the results of the manual counting and ratification and the date of the new parliament

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Baghdad today _ follow-up

Al-Mada newspaper reported on Thursday, February 2, 2018, information about the date of the announcement of the results of counting and manual sorting, noting that the call to convene the new parliament will take place forty to sixty days after the announcement of the results of manual counting.

The newspaper quoted an informed source as saying that “contacts were conducted among the judges assigned to audit the results of the elections and leaders of political blocs hastened to put the two parties to their initiatives,” noting that “the judges identified the announcement of the results of counting and sorting before the tenth of August.”

The source added that “appeals and complaints will be decided by the judges in the period of fifteen days in order to accelerate the ratification of the names of winners by the Federal Court to invite an invitation to the new parliament to convene after the holiday of next Eid.”

In another context quoted by the newspaper, a source in the stream of wisdom saying, “The period between the announcement of the results of counting and sorting and manual call for the new parliament will take about forty to sixty days.

He explained that “the movement of Shiite forces is going on in astronomy; the first aims at the participation of all, and the second seeks to form a national majority.”

The end of counting and sorting the elections of Diwaniyah and Turkey .. And these results

Editorial Date: 2018/8/2 23:00

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The Electoral Commission, on Thursday, the process of counting and sorting manual in the province of Diwaniyah and Turkey.

A source familiar with the {Euphrates News} said today that “the process of counting and manual sorting of the stations of Diwaniyah and the value of {300} station, and all were identical and in the presence of judges assigned and agents of political parties and the total of (595) station.”

“It is hoped that it will be completed on Friday, an official time for UNHCR staff to complete the mission as soon as possible,” he said.

“The process of manual counting and counting of {64} stations out of {74} stations with no problem.

Al-Budairi: Meet the representative of Trump Baljbouri and Kurds got to nominate the positions of the three presidencies



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Former MP Ali al-Budairi revealed on Thursday the movements of Trump representative Britt McGurk to name the three presidencies with former parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and ruling parties in the Kurdistan Democratic Region and the Union.

Al-Badairi said in a statement to Al-Mawdara that “the recent meetings between McGowork and Al-Jabouri and the Democratic and the Federation got to discuss the positions of the three presidencies and impose the American will on the government decision.” He pointed out that “Washington began to move to intervene in political affairs, By the Commission formed of judges assigned. “

He added that “Washington is trying to achieve its objectives through political figures that try to support them to assume sovereign positions,” noting that “Jubouri and Kurds discussed with the representative of Trump form the next government and the nature of political alliances and return to quotas.”

Informed political sources have reported earlier that the envoy of US President Brett McGork, who arrived in Baghdad recently discussed the mechanism of forming the next government with a number of political leaders.

Iraq asks an international organization to return tens of millions of dollars


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Economy News _ Baghdad

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called on UNAMI to urge the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to repatriate the remaining $ 57 million in funds left by the organization since the 2004 foreign election.

This came during his meeting with Jan Kubic, representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq.

“We hope to reaffirm the commitment of the international community and the friendly countries that participated in the Kuwait International Conference to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq,” Jaafari said.

UNHCR announces the completion of manual counting of Baghdad stations next Saturday

Baghdad / SNG – The Electoral Commission announced the completion of the process of counting and partial hand counting of polling stations Karkh will be Saturday.

The spokesman of the Commission, Judge Laith Hamza Jabr that the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned directly supervise the work of staff at the Baghdad International Fair, noting that the number of stations for the elections of the House of Representatives, which took place on the twentieth of May last, which was completed more than three thousand A polling station with only a thousand remaining stations will be dealt with within the next two days.Jaber added that the Board of Commissioners decided to re-count and ninety-eight electoral centers in the province of Diwaniyah after receiving complaints that meet the substantive and formal conditions and that the work of these centers will be resumed later.,15700023,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhibcZvaTE-MM-v4CmVd8RIgxN6rKg

Counting and sorting 300 stations in Diwaniyah and their results are identical

07:59 – 02/08/2018

Baghdad – Mawazine News
A source in the Electoral Commission, on Thursday, the completion of counting and sorting 300 stations in the province of Diwaniyah fully matched.
The source told Mawazine News that “the process of counting and sorting in Diwaniya ended with the completion of 300 stations under the direct supervision of the judges assigned and agents of the political parties.”
He added that “the remaining number of Diwaniya stations 295 stations, which is expected to be completed on Friday.”

The process of manual counting and sorting began on July 3 under the supervision of the Electoral Commission of the “judges assigned”. Finished 29 / d,15700023,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhhALsq7di2WBI6APRQed9nPA8rC9Q

Iraq and Jordan will hold a meeting next Sunday to overcome obstacles to trade exchange between the two countries


Politics, security and economyThursday, August 2 2018 – 09:37 PM

The Jordanian Minister of Transport Walid Masri said that an Iraqi technical delegation from the Ministry of Transport, Customs and Border will meet in Jordan next Sunday with a Jordanian delegation to sign a new agreement to solve and overcome the obstacles facing the movement of transport and trade between the two countries.

Al-Masri said in a statement to Al-Marbad radio that a telephone call he gathered today with the Iraqi Minister of Transport Kazem Venjan Al-Hamami to talk about some measures that hinder the flow of goods from Jordan to Iraq and vice versa by disrupting the entry of trucks of both countries, adding that the parties are requesting a number of documents from my drivers The trucks on the Iraqi-Jordanian border in the Karama and Trabil Iraqi ports hinder their entry into the two countries and the next meeting would lead to a new agreement to limit the routine currently on the border and only one transport document per truck.,15700023,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhgwUQUWIW9Q2F0R_UYmNYGxXAhgfw

Canceling and liquidating a banking company for violating the Central Bank


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, the withdrawal of a license company to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currency for violating instructions.
The bank said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that in view of the violation of a company to mediate for the sale and purchase of foreign currency to the provisions of instructions regulating the work of broker companies and misuse of the license decided to withdraw the license company and the confiscation of insurance deposited with the Bank, amounting to 250 million dinars. ” 
He added The statement that the bank requested the Ministry of Commerce to cancel the certificate of establishment granted to them by addition to the write off the name of the company from its records and to provide the Central Bank with the letter of liquidation certified.