Decisions of the Cabinet today include the demands of the demonstrators


Date of release: 2018/7/31 20:20 • 291 times read
(Baghdad Al-Furat News) The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
“The Council of Ministers continued to discuss the demands of citizens and the decisions taken for each province and start implementing these decisions and the guidance of continuous and urgent follow-up, and voted on funding projects in the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar, Muthanna and Najaf.” 
The statement added that “the meeting witnessed the vote on the minutes of the meeting to discuss obstacles to the implementation of the Nabras-petrochemical complex in the province of Basra, which will save thousands of jobs.” 
The Cabinet also voted to “secure a sum of money to the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the purpose of carrying out the maintenance of sewage stations in the provinces.”
The statement added that “to support the agricultural sector in the country and facilitate the movement of transport of fertilizers has been voted to allow the passage of transport trucks loaded with local and imported fertilizers for the account of the General Company for Agricultural Supplies (Urea, Dab, compound) without prior security approvals taking the procedures followed by the fundamental controls And the instructions issued by the security authorities regarding the inspection procedures, and allow the passage of the wheels loaded with local and imported fertilizers mentioned above, which are equipped farmers and farmers from the stores of the General Company for Agricultural Supplies in all governorates of Iraq to Farmers and their fields without taking security approvals while taking the procedures followed by the fundamentalist. ” 
He also voted “to open a consulate general to the Lebanese Republic in the province of Najaf, and change the association of the care of people with special needs to become part of the formations of the disabled and special needs.”
The Council of Ministers voted “to approve the recommendations of the committee and the report of the committee to study the status of joint Arab companies contributing to the Iraqi Fund for Foreign Development.” 
The council voted to “transfer the ownership of the land built on the residential buildings in the Basmaya residential project, and voted to support the seeds of wheat and barley crops.” 
The Cabinet also voted on “the allocation of 4 billion dinars to the Ministry of Water Resources to achieve urgent and comprehensive maintenance this year to the border security between Iraq and Iran to isolate the water Balzl then 500 million dinars for annual maintenance on the allocations of the General Authority for the operation of irrigation projects and Balzl / The interior and water resources in addition to the environment and the local government of the province of Basra to negotiate immediately with the Iranian side on a joint venture to get rid of the risk of polluting the Shatt al-Arab or the potential collapse of the border.
And voted to compensate projects infected with bird flu. 
The Council voted to exclude the materials donated to the Holy Tabernacle from the protection of the product. 
The Council of Ministers also voted to allocate land with a large area for an orphanage in Najaf province


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