Sistani scolds Iraqi politicians

29-06-2018 02:40 PM

The Euphrates –

Iraq’s top leader Ali al-Sistani said in a Friday sermon delivered by one of his representatives that Iraq’s leaders should focus on defeating an oppressive organization rather than the outcome of parliamentary elections.

“It is not right to overlook this and concern about the results of the elections and the holding of alliances and conflict on positions and sites, but the requirements of the elimination of terrorists and the provision of protection and security of citizens in different regions and provinces,” said Abdul-Mahdi Karbalaii, Sistani’s representative in the speech that followed in the city of Karbala.

A grouping of members of the Iraqi security forces was abducted and six of them showed up in an online video on Saturday threatening to kill them within three days if the government did not release female prisoners.

But the Iraqi security authorities announced yesterday the killing of eight men by a hustler and throwing bodies on the road in the province of Salah al-Din.

The Central Bank signs a memorandum of understanding with MasterCard International

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MasterCard International to contribute to the development of electronic payment services in Iraq.
“On the sidelines of the Arab International Banking Summit held in Paris, the Central Bank of Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with MasterCard International to contribute to the development of electronic payment services in Iraq and the transfer of expertise,” said a statement by the Central Bank. And take advantage of the innovations that characterize this company. ”
The statement added that “the signing was attended by a selection of Iraqi and foreign banks and the presence of the Iraqi ambassador in Paris.”

Announcement of a new salary distribution schedule early next week

– 6/29/2018 1:54:00 AM

Khandan –

A source in the Ministry of Finance, the Kurdistan Regional Government, that the amount allocated to salaries of employees will reach the Ministry of Finance on Sunday, and will be announced a new schedule to pay these salaries.

It is worth mentioning that the salaries of employees for the month of April, has not been acted so far in the Kurdistan region.

The source said in a statement to “Khandan” that the Ministry of Natural Resources in the region sends monthly 378 billion dinars to the Ministry of Finance to secure the payment of salaries, indicating that this amount will arrive on Sunday and after receipt by the Ministry of Finance will be announced a new schedule of the distribution of salaries.

The source added that the Ministry of Peshmerga will be the first ministries to receive salaries, and then will pay the salaries of other ministries.

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan region, pay monthly salaries according to two tables, one depends on the revenues of oil source, and the other on the money sent by the federal government in Baghdad.

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government provides 378 billion dinars a month to the Ministry of Finance, while Baghdad sends 317 billion dinars to pay salaries.

Central Bank Signs Memorandum of Understanding with MasterCard Worldwide

aljournal June 29, 2018

Baghdad – Journal News

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Friday the signing of a memorandum of understanding with MasterCard International.

The bank said in a statement that “on the sidelines of the Arab banking summit in Paris, the Central Bank of Iraq, the central bank governor Ali Mohsen Ismail signed a memorandum of understanding with MasterCard International.”

He added that “the memorandum of understanding will contribute to the development of electronic payment services in Iraq and the transfer of experiences and benefit from the innovations that characterize the global systems in this area,” noting that “the signing was attended by a selection of Iraqi and foreign banks in addition to the Iraqi ambassador in Paris.”

A war that illustrates the difference between the parliamentary and constitutional vacuum and the government’s working mechanism after 30 June


Information / Special …

The legal expert Tariq Harb, on Thursday, to enter the country between the constitutional vacuum and parliamentary and how the government turns to the administration of the implementation and the legal periods of the work of the government and parliament.

“By the end of the official working day on Saturday, the current parliament will end and the deputies will be stripped of all the privileges granted to them and the immunity will be transferred to citizens and they will not be able to enjoy all the privileges currently used,” Harb said.

He added that “the country will enter the parliamentary vacuum as the government continues its work with all its powers until the election of a new president and his mandate for the next prime minister to form a government,” adding that “the concept of the caretaker government is when the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister and dissolves the parliament through the discharge of the mandate until the mandate of Prime Minister new”.

He explained that “the constitutional vacuum is when there is no government or security agencies and this does not exist in Iraq to the presence of a government going things and security services continue their work.”

Because of differences .. Parliament gives up the extension of its legislative age


Information / Special …

The parliamentary legal committee revealed on Thursday that the House of Representatives has abandoned the clause extending its legislative age until the results of the parliamentary elections are ratified.

The member of the Committee, Zana Said said in a statement to the information that “the House of Representatives failed today in its meeting to discuss the extension of the age and the decision of the Electoral Commission on the counting and partial sorting of the results of the election without universal for all the ballot boxes,” noting that “the House of Representatives abandoned a paragraph Extension of his legal age for failure to obtain approval by all political blocs. ”

He added that “the meeting on Friday will be limited to discuss the decision of the Commission in the process of counting and sorting by hand,” pointing out that “the parliament will finish its legislative work on Saturday from next week.”

The source informed, said Thursday, that the House of Representatives postponed its extraordinary session to another notice, while the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri legal committee to set the date of the new hearing.

The legal expert Tariq Harb has confirmed, on Thursday, that the life of the parliament will end on Saturday next week, while stressing the possibility of extending the life of parliament only after the process of amending the Constitution.

Hakim told the American ambassador: Iraqis are able to manage their differences wisely and rationally


Release date: 2018/6/28 23:20 • 180 times read
[Ayna-Baghdad] The
head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, assured US Ambassador Douglas Silliman that Iraqis are capable of managing their differences wisely and rationally.

“He stressed during a meeting at his office in Baghdad Thursday evening that the ongoing political dialogues should focus on placing Iraq’s interest above narrow interests,” a statement from his office said.
Hakim said during the meeting that “the return to sectarian encroachment will not be in the interest of Iraqis eager to a new stage must be characterized by government performance and parliamentary effective and able to serve them.”
He pointed out that “Iraqis are able to manage their differences wisely and rationally, up to national understandings that maintain the stability of Iraq and the independence of its decision and meet the aspirations of its people.”

Fatah denies its withdrawal from the alliance with others and confirms the continuation of the committees to hold meetings


Release date: 2018/6/28 22:49 • 5 times read
The Fatah alliance, the Khomeini Day, broke its withdrawal from the alliance with others.
“Some agencies and the media have reported the withdrawal of Fatah from its alliance with others,” Fatah spokesman Ahmad al-Asadi said in a statement, denying the authenticity of the news.
He stressed “the continuation of the alliance between the conquest and the rest and the continuation of joint committees to hold meetings; to discuss practical steps for the success of their joint project.”
He called on “the media to be careful in transmitting news and adopting the main sources of it.”

Learn about Iraq’s ranking in the daily per capita income of the world


Release date: 2018/6/28 19:36
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) A report by the United Nations Economic, Financial and Business Forum on the ranking of countries globally according to per capita GDP per capita in dollars for 2018.
Qatar was the top country in per capita per capita income by more than $ 98, while the Central African Republic topped the list by half a dollar.
Iraq was in the order {108} with income of $ 7.3.
Countries ranked as follows:
1 Qatar 98,814
2 Luxembourg
3 78,670 Singapore
4 64,584 Norway 54,947
5 Brunei 53,431
6 United States 53,101
6 Hong Kong 52,722
7 Switzerland 46,430
8 San Marino 44,480
9 Canada 43,472
10 Australia 43,073
11 Austria 42,597
12 Netherlands 41,711
13 Sweden 41,188
14 Iceland 41,000
15 Germany 16,407
Taiwan 17,397,67
17 Kuwait 39,706
18 Ireland 39,547
19 Denmark 37,900
20 Belgium 37,881
21 United Kingdom 37,307
22 Japan 36,899
23 France 35,784
24 Finland 35,617
25 Israel 35,617 25 Israel 34,770
26 Bahrain 34,584
27 South Korea 33,189
28 Bahamas 32,036
29 United Arab Emirates 31,245
30 New Zealand 30,493
31 Italy 30,289
32 Turkey 30,122
33 Spain 29,851
34 Oman 29,813
35 Slovenia 27,900
36 Malta 27,840
37 Czech Republic 27,200
38 Seychelles 26,492
39 Cyprus 25,249
40 Barbados 41,181
42 Slovakia 24,605
42 Greece 24,012
43 Palau 23,666
44 Equatorial Guinea 23,370
45 Estonia 23,144
46 Portugal 23,068
47 Lithuania 22,747
48 Timor-Leste 21,705
49 Poland 21,214
50 Trinidad and Tobago 20,438
51 Hungary 20,065
52 Gabon 19,478
53 Latvia 19,120
54 Chile 19,067
55 Argentina 18,749
56 Antigua and Barbuda 18,558
57 Croatia 18,191
58 Russia 17,884
59 Malaysia 17,748
60 Uruguay 16,723
61 Panama 16,658
62 Botswana 16,377
63 Mauritius 16,056
64 Belarus 15,753
65 Saint Kitts and Nevis 15,605
66 Mexico 15,563
67 Saudi Arabia 15,353
68 Lebanon 14,845
69 Bulgaria 14,499
70 Kazakhstan 14,391
71 Dominica 14,283
72 Grenada 13,724
73 Venezuela 13,605
74 Romania 13,396
75 Suriname 13,116
76 Costa Rica 12,942
77 Saint Lucia 12,730
78 Iran 12,264
79 Brazil 12,221
80 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 12,207
81 Montenegro 11,913
82 Libya 11,498
83 Serbia 11,269
84 South Africa 11,259
85 Colombia
11,189 86 Peru 11,124
87 Azerbaijan 11,044
88 Macedonia 10,904
89 Ecuador 10,080
90 Tunisia 9932
91 Dominican Republic 9911
92 Thailand 9,875
93 China 9,844
94 Turkmenistan 9510
95 Albania 9506
96 Maldives 9173
97 Jamaica 9,048
98 Marshall Islands 8990
99 Belize 8716
100 Bosnia and Herzegovina 8280
101 Guyana
102,850 102 Namibia 8,191
103 Tonga 104,886
Kosovo 107,766
76,534 106 El Salvador 7,515
107 Ukraine 108,723
109,739 Micronesia 7,288
110 Paraguay 6,823
111 Egypt 6,579
112 Sri Lanka 113,531
113 Kiribati 114,391
Bhutan Bhutan 6,370
115 Angola 6,247
116 Swaziland 6,218
117 Samoa 118,611
119,191 119 Georgia 120,145
Jordan 121,611
121 Mongolia 5,885
122 Morocco 5,456
123 Bolivia 5,364
124 Guatemala 125,582
125 Indonesia 126,512
Fiji Fiji 5,085
127 Honduras 128,839
Congo 4,791
129 Vanuatu 4,718
130 Philippines 131,682
Nicaragua 134,554
132 Cape Verde
133,338 India 4,077
134 Vietnam 4,012
135 Uzbekistan 3,762
136 Moldova 3,736
137 Tuvalu 3,519
138 Ghana 3,461
139 Solomon Islands 3,455
140 Pakistan 3,149
141 Laos 3,068
142 Papua New Guinea 2,834
143 Nigeria 2,831
144 Djibouti 2,746
145 Sudan 2,631
146 Kyrgyzstan 2,611
147 Cambodia 2,576
148 Chad 2,539
149 Cameroon 2,423
150 Tajikistan 151,354
Yemen 2,316
152 Lesotho 2,255
153 Mauritania 2,218
154 Sao Tome and Principe 2,194
155 Bangladesh 2,080
156 Gambia 1,962
157 Senegal 1,958
158 Côte d’Ivoire 1,818
159 Kenya 1,812
160 Zambia 1,754
161 Myanmar 1,740
162 Tanzania 1,715
163 Benin 1,623
164 Burkina Faso 1,585
165 Sierra Leone 1,542
166 Rwanda 1,538
167 Nepal 1,508
168 Uganda 164,484
Ethiopia 1,366
170 Southern Sudan 1,350
171 Haiti 1,315
172 Comoros 1,287
173 Guinea Bissau 1,206
174 Afghanistan 1,150
175 Guinea 1,125
176 Mali 1,103
177 Mozambique 1,090
178 Togo 1,084
179 Madagascar 970 cents
180 Malawi 181,879
Niger 81,829
Zimbabwe 788,188
Eritrea 707
184 Liberia 703
185 Democratic Republic of the Congo
186 648 Burundi
187 642 187 Central African Republic 542 cent

Erbil and Baghdad agree on economic and security files

Erbil and Baghdad agree on security and economic files
 Twilight News    
 9 minutes ago

Shafaq News / Two delegations of the federal governments and the Kurdistan region, on Thursday, agreed on several files, including security and economic.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government, in a statement, that “a joint meeting held today between the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, headed by the Minister of Interior of the Territory, Karim Sinjari, and the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mahdi Alalak, to discuss the return of displaced persons to Nineveh province.

He added that “the meeting touched on the conditions of displaced Mosul in the provinces of the Kurdistan Region and the obstacles that prevent their return to their areas and ways to remove those obstacles.”

The statement added that “it was decided to form a joint committee of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Center for Joint Coordination of crises of the Ministry of the Interior of the Kurdistan Region, with the aim of returning displaced from the provinces of Erbil and Dahuk to Nineveh and open roads to facilitate the return in addition to increasing trade movement between those provinces.

The meeting also issued several other resolutions aimed at securing the financial dues of the municipalities and providing more services and providing the basic needs of the citizens after returning home.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed Al Jaf, the Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Mowaffaq Group, Ninewa Governor Nofal Hammadi and other relevant officials.