Minister reveals the date of the new parliament and confirms the near arrival of a senior US official to Baghdad

June 30, 2018 – 11:00

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A senior Iraqi official said on Thursday that the new parliament would be held indefinitely and that July would be crucial to consultations on forming a government.

“There is a consensus not to prolong the constitutional vacuum in the country,” Al-Arabi al-Qadri newspaper quoted the official as saying. “It was also agreed that the counting and counting would be completed within one week of the start of the operation. Judicial results “.

The minister, who asked not to be named, said that “then there will be a call for the new parliament to be convened at the beginning of next August at the latest,” noting that “the month of July will be crucial in consultations to form a government, and the announcement of the mass bloc will be after the ratification of the results “He said.

The minister added that “any complexity in the course of the ongoing negotiations between the blocks, means a high probability of the impact of the country also security, there are contracts and major differences, including the post of prime minister and any bloc will nominate him and the person himself.”

He revealed the “near the arrival of a senior US official to Baghdad in the coming days to try to convince the Kurds and Sunnis, to resolve their options and their future representatives of the government, as well as support of Prime Minister Haider Abadi in the current period of business.

The political scene is witnessing a wide movement among the winning forces in the elections that took place on the 12th of May to form the largest bloc Niaibia in preparation for the task of forming the next government.

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