Iraq recounts election votes in 6 governorates by hand tomorrow

Sunday, 2018/7/1

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq will begin counting votes manually in May elections, a spokesman for the Independent High Electoral Commission said in a statement on Monday.

The statement said the votes to be re-counted would only be complaints or official reports alleging fraud.

The statement added that the recount will begin in Kirkuk on Tuesday and will include six other provinces are Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Dohuk, Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar.

For its part, the Iraqi parliament called on the judges assigned to the Electoral Commission to convince the international community and the Iraqi people of the integrity of the elections by taking all the appeals and complaints submitted on the ballot before the ratification of the final results.

The Iraqi MP Jawad al-Bolani said yesterday that «the judiciary is required is the Council and the Commission now to convince the international community and political forces that this process is sound, and there is no fraud».

For his part, said Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Jubouri that «the House of Representatives wishes the Electoral Commission and the judges concerned to take into account appeals and counting and sorting, and that the completion of this stage to the results of satisfactory and disguised and real».

On the other hand, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday, chasing elements of the organization “calling” everywhere, including the mountains, stressing that he will not negotiate with them and those who imagine it is the most important.

“Nobody has the right to lose the achievement achieved after we have overcome all the challenges we have faced,” Abadi said in a speech at the 20th anniversary of the revolution, published by Alsumaria News. He called on everyone to “unite and not try to divide us.”

“As we have won and liberated our lands by uniting, we need to unite in the next stage,” he said. “We will pursue the remaining cells of terrorism in their holes and we will kill them. We will chase them everywhere in the mountains and the desert.”

“Some people who imagine that we will negotiate with a preacher are more important, we did not follow him in Iraq, we rejected him in the past and we reject him today.

In another context, an Iraqi security source said yesterday that a huge explosion occurred in a warehouse of weapons and missiles belonging to one of the factions of the popular crowd, in the province of Babylon.

First lieutenant Ihsan Khalid said that an explosion took place inside a weapons and rocket depot belonging to Saraya Ashura, a popular crowd, in the Kefal area, south of Hilla.

He added that the civil defense teams and troops of the army and police came to the scene, and opened an investigation into the incident, and that preliminary information confirms the absence of casualties.

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