Hours on the end of the life of the parliament and the [losers] enter the time lost

Date of release: 2018/6/30 10:21

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) a few hours, the end of the life of the third parliamentary session of the current parliament, which ends in accordance with the Constitution on Saturday, 30 June.

According to a previous interpretation of the Federal Supreme Court, the duration of the electoral cycle of the Council of Representatives shall be effective from the first session and extends for four calendar years and the end shall be by the end of the fourth year of that session.

The current parliamentary session ends with the end of the official term of the House of Representatives.

And seeks some of the “losers” in a desperate attempt to hold a meeting on Saturday at 1 pm, to extend the life of the parliamentary session through the vote on the Fourth Amendment to the Law of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013.

Sources informed parliamentary sources that these deputies abandoned a project to prolong his life By dropping the extension clause from the agenda of the meeting, and maintaining one article, namely the adoption of the total counting and counting of the election results and not the partial.

It was scheduled to hold a meeting, Thursday, was strongly mobilized, as announced by a number of deputies, who were called «losers» to ensure the presence of 165 deputies to be passed the law that was read last week read the first and second, but according to sources From within the parliament, he did not attend the Chamber of the Council more than 15 deputies in the absence of Parliament Speaker Salim Jubouri, who is the most prominent losers in this session.

The deputies stressed, according to press statements, that “the House of Representatives did not succeed in holding a meeting last Thursday to vote on the fourth amendment to the law of the House of Representatives because of the opposition of some of the blocks and political figures of the article on the extension of the work of the House of Representatives,” indicating that “the parliamentary legal committee worked to amend the proposal The law through the deletion of the article on the extension of the work of Parliament and the retention of articles on counting and manual hand-counting. ”

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted sources as saying, “According to the political circles as well as the movement associated with political alliances, the leaders of the big blocs announced their rejection of the extension of the life of the parliament, which shocked many of the losers who belong to those Blocs that preferred to retain the results obtained, as well as that the loss of some of its senior deputies came to their benefit from the portal to come new faces in light of the continuing sharp criticism by the Iraqi street of the political class. ”


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