{Euphrates News} publishes the law of the fourth amendment to the electoral law


Release Date: 2018/6/22 18:09 • 87 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Parliamentary Information Service published the Fourth Amendment Law to the Law of Elections of the House of Representatives No. (45) for the year 2013.
According to the text of the law: On behalf of the people, the Presidency of the Republic
on the basis of the provisions of item {1} of Article {61} and Article (73) of Article (73) of the Constitution and Article (IV) of Article 122 of the Constitution.
Issuing the following law: No. {} for the year 2018
Law of the Fourth Amendment to the Law of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013, and provides:
Article -1 – The House of Representatives continues to work until the ratification of the Federal Supreme Court on the results of the elections held on 12/5/2018
Article –
Article 3: This Law shall be implemented from the date of voting thereon.
Positive reasons:
Due to the issuance of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 99, 104 and 106 / Federal / Media / 2018) on 21/6/2018 and the judge to oblige the House of Representatives to take the necessary to implement some of its paragraphs, which requires the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives and for the purpose of following the implementation of the resolution and ensure the integrity of the process of counting and sorting, Law. Finished

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